4 months and sharing

Well, the Wild, Wild S is 4 months old.  I love how every time I post she has a new nick name.  I attribute this one to Deeds and think it fits her nicely.  We went to the doctor yesterday.  She handled the shots like a champ (although she gave Dan a run for his money yesterday evening while I was at Young Women’s!  Sorry HD).  Her stats are as follow…  14 lbs (50 %), 25 inches (75 %), 43 cm. head (95 %).  Dr. Savage said she weighs enough to sleep though the night.  So this funny business of waking up every 3 hours has got to be put to an end.  It is pretty frustrating though cause we have been trying for about a week to get her to cry and then fall back asleep through her 11 pm waking…and it has not worked.  It is not fun to listen to your baby cry especially when it is not improving night to night.  So we’ll see what we do.  Its a good thing she is so, so cute!  We also started rice cereal which, well, didn’t go to well first time around.  She is not in love with it…but I know it takes time.


Here is a little 4 month comparison of my kids…still have a lot of similarities I think.


Jack has been super cute about sharing things with Sophs when she is sad lately.  Usually it is just his toys or stories.  But lately it has included emptying all of the spoons and forks out of the drawer and lining them up.  Funny.  He is loving her more and more and her eyes are constantly fixed on him.


I love these sweet kids.


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  1. That rice eating picture is so so sad! 🙁 The spoons and forks…what does that mean?? These kids are the cutest!

  2. Sophie is bigger than Kate by 2 inches and a pound. Crazy! I love the rice cereal picture! We’ve also been doing some sleep training…not fun.

  3. Oh, my goodness that rice cereal picture is very funny to me! I have a warped mind I know. Jack is displaying a lot of OCD’s these days, first his books, now the silverware. Maybe he’ll always have a neat and tidy room with everything in it’s place. I wish I could remember all the details of what you kids did when you were all little. If only I had time to read my old journals–I would love it! Soph still looks like a girl version of her brother. Love those kids!!!!!

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