Under the weather

Well you know something is wrong when you find Jack like this in random places throughout the day…


He NEVER just lays on the ground at any point in the day and he was doing it over and over again for a couple of days before I took him to the doctor.  Double ear infection was the diagnosis.  Poor guy.  But he was surprisingly not unpleasant which was good.  He was just not himself which meant extra cuddles for me which is not all bad.  He is fine now.  And up to his old tricks.


And this little lady is cute.  Starting to pick up her toys which go straight to her mouth, attempting to roll over but is still a few good weeks away, doing much better with her rice cereal, and unfortunately not too much better at night.  But I can’t resist her squishy cheeks and adorable face.


5 Replies to “Under the weather”

  1. That church dress on S is absolutely adorable. The picture of Jack sitting in the bouncer looks likes he is a full-blown grownup boy! The kid is huge! Well, hopefully when we get all our kids over these illnesses we can play soon!

  2. I’m thinking the q-tips in the ears might not be good for an ear infection. I’m no expert but….

    Also… Sophie is cute. On that farm Ame and Dan had a Sophie with squishy puffy cheeks

  3. That church dress is SO adorable and that wide opened grin!!! She’s so beautiful! Jack looks so big in that bouncy chair. I’m glad he’s handled his ear infection so well. Rachel had something with her ears a couple weeks ago and she was waking up at night. I feel like she gets up as much as Kate with one ailment or another.

  4. Cute, cute kiddies! Jack is going to have a real ear infection if those q tips get shoved too far down there. Cuddles are about the only good thing when the kids are sick but kind of worth it. I love, love those kids–darling dress grandma Grossen! Is it time for Spring break yet?

  5. Hi Amy! Your kids are so cute! They are growing so fast! Jack looks like such a big boy… did he get a hair cut recently? Sophie is a doll – can’t wait to meet her someday!

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