Well I have been fully converted.  Who hasn’t really?   Jimmer is amazing and really worth all the hype.  We had a great time at the BYU basketball game this weekend.  Jack loves saying “Go Jimmer!”  and I can’t believe how loud the Marriot Center was.  Good times.


The rest of the pics are totally random.  Jack is really into helping Sophie groom lately…combing her hair and picking lint out of her toes.  Not so sure she appreciates it all the time though.


I got to watch this guy for a little spell a couple of weeks ago.  He is a delight and growing magnificently…as big if not bigger than S.  Notice the wild lady screaming in the second photo and Isaac’s look of confusion cause he has never in a his life made a noise that loud or deafening.  She is Mommy’s little pterodactyl…seriously.  Scary loud sometimes.


3 Replies to “I.Heart.Jimmer”

  1. Ha! Those pictures killed me because I can just hear those noises from S in my ear!…so funny! Isaac has one of those invisible hands that Sophs had in your Christmas card that scared Ry! haha
    P.S. Please don’t know how to spell that….pterodactyl

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to meet that girl. I can practically hear the scream. What a great shot!
    I so wish I could go to a BYU basketball game. It has been too long! And creamery ice cream? Oh, so delicious. I can’t wait to see you all…11 more days! WAHOO

  3. A toejam piker huh! Love cousin time! Go cougars! Soph’s head looks a little red under that comb. She loves her big brother. Hugs and kisses kiddies.

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