5 months and a smarty pants

Sophie Darlene is now 5 months old.  I know I always say this…but seriously, who can believe it?  She is going to be in college before I know it.  We started her on vegetables on her birthday.  I started with peas and she has since had green beans and squash.  And she loves all of them so far.   She didn’t even pull a face her first time with the peas.  I start my kids on peas first cause I think it is the grossest tasting one (even though I love peas in real life).  I figure if they can like that, they will like them all.

She is sorta a naughty lady at 5 months old.  She really loves to be held and doesn’t so much love when we put her down especially if we leave the room.   So let’s just say, she sorta has to fuss a lot cause well, I got things to do sometimes!  Geez.  She is a good napper during the day usually, taking 2 long naps and one short one in the evenings.  Her nights have not improved since infancy really.  She still eats twice a night (sometimes wakes up more than that), usually in the 12s and the 4s.  But she is going to bed earlier (usually between 7-730) so I guess her first stretch of sleep is improving.  So far letting her cry it out hasn’t really worked.  I don’t think she can be taught.  But let’s be honest…she doesn’t need to eat at night.  She has 3 meals of solids during the day and still breast feeds 4-5 times during the day hours.  It will get better someday I think.  She still hasn’t rolled from back to front, but maybe someday soon.  Despite her fussy nature, she is still very fun and gives us the best smiles.


I had to throw in a comparison pea shot of my two kids because, wow, they could almost be twinners.

Have I ever mentioned how smart my 2-year-old is?  Seriously out of this world!  Ok…I am biased I realize and don’t really know what is normal for his age.  But he really blows my mind sometimes.  His recent love is this…


…what he calls “the Earth puzzle”, a gift from his geographer aunt Kerri.  You see all those states are an individual puzzle piece and he can do it all by himself.  And on top of that he knows the names of every state except for maybe 5.  I am thinking that is not common 2-year-old knowledge, but I could be wrong.  I took a video of him putting it together for proof.  Not sure if it will ever make it on the blog cause it is 13 minutes long, but the facts are I think he is amazing!

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  1. The eyes are the killer! Exactly the same–those big eyes come from Grandpa Wright’s side of the family. That would be Great great grandpa Clifford Wright to be exact. Some how Jack got the longer hair and longer eyelashes. That’s not fair isn’t Sophs!!! Last week you knew only 30 states and now 45. Oh, Jack me boy, you are awesome! I doubt there are many two year old kids that even know five states or even one for that matter. It looks like you’ll be getting a job with Uncle Ryan in the mapping business when you grow up.

  2. Holy eyes! Your kids eyes are big but in pictures they look HUGE! Cute Cute! Jack you little smarty pants!…you might just have to start him in the 4th grade!

  3. I knew Jack would love that puzzle. Warms my heart that he knows almost all the states. I will get him a world puzzle next Christmas, and we’ll start working on countries. All my nieces and nephews will be geographically literate if it is the last thing I do. I will also try to teach Buggy that sleeping at night is one of the greatest things a person can do. I think she’ll listen to me.

  4. Holy cow! That comparison shot kills me. If you would have put her in the same shirt and high chair I would have thought it was a shot taken same day. Jack IS a smart pants. Those puzzles are hard! And I can tell you Rachel couldn’t even name half the states!

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