The following photos clearly demonstrate that we are not getting enough sleep at night!


We had too much fun with Jack’s safety goggles the other morning.  Love it!


And this kid thought he was pretty funny this morning putting grapes between his toes.  I laughed so hard.  Seriously, where does he come up with these things?  Makes me smile.


And I thought this little hat that came with this PJ set was hilarious.  Is it supposed to be a yarmulke (yes that is how you spell that word…) or is my child’s head just huge?  I got a good chuckle out of that one.  Her face is adorable though.  I can’t even believe it.

7 Replies to “Silly”

  1. I would definitely spell it yamaka…but that looks Japanese. Maybe yamukkah…that looks more Jewish. You have to stop with those goggles. So funny!

  2. Fun times at the Grossens! I bet Jack was the one that insisted Sophie have a turn with the goggles. What supportive parents! Pretty color on Sophie! She is growing up way too fast!

  3. I love Sophie’s face with the goggles on. And Dan’s face is pretty classic too. Can I just squeeze Jack?…YEAH??

  4. Who knew that our tool gift to Jack would really be a gift for the whole family? HaHa I hear ya about not getting enough sleep! Aye Aye Aye! That hat on Sophie is too funny!

  5. Great pics… glad to see your family happy and having fun! Sophie’s face really is precious!

  6. Love you guys! Jack will soon be eating with his toes :)That boy is hilarious and lots of fun. I don’t think it could ever get boring at your house. What a great family. I love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

  7. Am, you should definitely wear those goggles around town. Love them! Jack and Sophie are sooo cute as always. They are getting big!

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