One can hope anyway.  But the facts are, I live in Utah, and I know better.  We are still in for a good amount of snow, I’m sure.  But the last 5 days or so have been bliss.  We spent all morning outside on Saturday and Jack was in love.   Sophie loved it as well.


We supported the Cougs this weekend and made sure to wear blue.  We were overjoyed on Friday night when Jimmer was magical and we finally beat New Mexico.  We were sad and despondent on Saturday night when we just looked tired and those filthy Aztecs finally had their way with us.  One thing is sure, the Grossen’s are really looking forward to March Madness and hope that the Cougars will not disappoint!


And one thing more, she FINALLY did it.  Sophie Darlene rolled over.  One day after her six month birthday.


She has really taken to her new trick and does it all the time now.  But it always ends like this…


…because for whatever reason, she doesn’t remember that she knows how to roll the other way.  So, perhaps we shouldn’t have been encouraging her so much, cause now there is even more fussiness coming from the Wild S Lady.  Silly girl.

And then there’s this guy…


He is so funny.  He is talking so much and saying the funniest things.  I laugh lots during the day.  He really is one of a kind.  We’ve been spending a lot of our days doing this fun new trick.


He calls it “flying”. It makes him giddy with laughter and sometimes ends with me getting drool in my face!

5 Replies to “Springtime”

  1. Oh my…so stinkin cute! Love them both so much. I see Kerri’s and Deed’s car outside your house…ours is missing! :(….BUT…we will be seeing you in such a short time! Yeah!

  2. I am in love with this weather as well! My patio door is wide open as we speak. Such cute pictures! Jack’s hair cut looks awesome! Happy Jimmer Eve! 🙂

  3. I’m jealous of your weather! Although we have been getting a nice day here and there. Thanks for reminding me about March Madness, we can no watch any of the games online. I’m so excited!
    Way to go Sophie on rolling over. Kate’s still only rolled to her tummy once. I could watch Jack all day long and be so thoroughly entertained! And that smile, I swear it’s always there.

  4. Drools were the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture of Jack “flying”. Somethings never grow old–I used to do that same trick with my kiddies. Love Sophie’s big smile through her toy. Just keep showing her how to get back on her back and she’ll catch on. Good old, smiling Jack! Loving life in the Spring. I bet you are covered in snow now after this past weekend of rain we had here. I know Jack is in heaven come rain or shine as long as he is “OUTSIDE”. That is his favorite for sure.

  5. Oh, we are waiting for Spring too… will it ever come??

    Sophie’s pictures of not rolling the other way made me laugh (sorry!). That is funny. I know I say it a lot, but she’s so CUTE!

    Yay for flying… that is a fun game. I’m not sure if it’s Jack’s hairstyle in the one picture but he looks like such a big boy. He’s a cutie too!

    I love listening to kids talk. A friend got us this quote book that we can record the date/age/quotes from Seoul. It’s quite fun and will be fun to look at in the future… if I can remember to write in it daily!

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