Jack Rolls Over

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Just when you thought that he was never going to do it, he surprises you.  I am convinced that he is an independent thinker already which should make the rest of his life interesting!  We have tried to “teach” him many things, i.e. sleeping through the night, sleeping without the swaddle, rolling over, etc. and the fact is, he just does it when he’s ready and feels like it.

The rolling over was a joy.  And although I said I would never be a mom that has that sick mom voice on video, alas it is there and in full force.  Sorry to all listening ears.  I guess you can’t help it when your kid reaches a milestone.  He is the cutest child of the whole wide planet!

6 Replies to “Jack Rolls Over”

  1. I love how still he gets after he tries the first time. I’m amazed how strong his back is. He just hovers on his tummy…crazy! Well, good job Jack! Aunt Melanie is proud.

  2. You are right…sick, sick mom voice! But what else can you do? I talk to him the same way and I’m not his mom…what does that say?

  3. That kid is too much, can always make me laugh. I loved how he was kicking his legs after he did it…so cute. Love him. And no, you do not have a sick mom voice.

  4. Dad says what’s wrong with having a sick mom’s voice? I love the little chuckle that he has at the end of his big accomplishment. All your cheering really makes his legs go. He’s going to be a strong swimmer. How did long distance grandparents ever survive without these instant movie clips of their grandkids? Great invention!

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