6 months

This post is a little late but Sophie girl turned 6 months on the 10th.  Here are her 6 month stats:  16 lbs. 8 oz. (70%), 28 inches long (100%), 45 cm. head (100 %).  She is just a tall and healthy lady.  She has started to sit up a little bit better as of late.  She can last about 20 or so minutes in front of her kitchen toy.  She instantly flips over when you put her on her back unless she is under her “swing set”.  She has had moments of brilliance at night with her sleeping…going 9 hours every once in awhile.  And then some nights it is back to her old tricks of waking up after only being down 4+ hours.  She has had to cry it out so much that you would think she would get it by now, but so far that isn’t the case.  So we will keep working with her.  Yuck…I just don’t like it.  But in other sleeping news, she is now sleeping swaddle free which is good news.  She is an eating champ just like her brother.  She loves all the veggies and fruits and has successfully taken to eating graham crackers and fruit puffs.  She is pretty happy for the most part these days which we are grateful for.  And she adores Jack which I hope will last forever.


Recently Jack has really been interested in walking with a cane.  Everything has been a cane at one point even his books.  I couldn’t solve why because who has he ever seen walk with a cane?  Dan and I thought maybe it was from the one older man in our ward that walks with a cane.  But that seemed sorta improbable since Jack has maybe seen him only once or twice.  One day it really came together for us when we saw this…


Because that looks awfully similar to a character on Jack’s favorite movie…


Someone has been watching a little bit too much Toy Story.  But I died with laughter when we put it together.  Such an observant, funny guy.

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  1. That is too funny. Love that little guy! I am glad Sophie is getting a little better at night. Two cute kids! Love you all and can’t wait to see you all again soon! Oh and I hope BYU wins tonight!! 🙂

  2. Soph is working a little cleavage in that yellow shirt. Work it, girl! The Lotso thing absolutely kills me! I wish I was there when you figured out what he was doing. So funny!

  3. We’re working on being swaddle free and it’s been tough! My other kids didn’t seem to notice. But we’ve been giving up some naps here…that’s just not right! I’m impressed with 9 hours too. At least it’s starting to happen. I sure love your kiddos and all the fun pictures and stories about them.

  4. Sophie is so cute! Love that face… and her eyes 🙂 They grow so fast! We need to meet the little lady sometime.

    Jack is such a funny guy… such a smarty… love the sense of humor!

  5. Look at our little girl sitting up and being so grown up. I can’t wait to get up there and interact with little Sophie. Sorry I have been on blog vacation I guess. Too much craziness here. Jack is so observant. What a kid. I thought maybe it was grandpa’s walking stick but you can clearly see in his picture that he is imitating the bear. We still need to watch that movie!

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