This past week Ryan, Kara and Isaac came to town.  They have only been gone one month but we sure have missed them.  I love that little Isaac.  He is such a sweet baby.  And it was so fun to have Kara here during the day to talk to because most days I have minimal adult interaction!  We didn’t do much of anything except hang out but it was still awesome.  Thanks for coming Cosby’s.  We had a great time!

7 Replies to “Visitors”

  1. Oh how I love all my babies and sisters! Wish we were all neighbs! The Mr. Potato Head glasses…killing me!

  2. What cute little babies! That is fun to have visitors 🙂 Ditto… love the glasses on Sophie!

  3. How fun! Visitors are great. And those kids are so cute and I love them in their stylish glasses 🙂 Love you all. Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  4. I can’t wait to kiss all those big fat checks. Isaac looks like he’s a little football player in that “Y” shirt. The glasses are hilarious. Sophie doesn’t know what to think with a big fat black thing in front of each eyeball. Look how strong Sophie is raising up on her hands. She’s going to be crawling soon. Jack’s the creative one no doubt. Love, love, love those little kiddies!

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