The Return of Stinker Face

For those of you who remember Jack at 7+ months, you remember stinker face.  Whenever he saw the orange light on the camera, he would scrunch up his little nose and stick his lips out.  It provided hours of humor and looked a  little something like this…

Well someone else is picking up right where her brother left off with the whole orange camera light/funny face business.  Check this out…

Not exactly the same.  But sorta close and just as funny.  We were laughing lots.  And these kids still look pretty similar-don’t you think?

We had a great conference weekend.  Jack loved seeing President Monson, Uctdorf and Eyring.  And he loved the music (a child after his mother’s very own heart).  During Saturday afternoon session he was having fun throwing the big bouncy ball around.  And every time it would bounce Sophie would laugh.  It was SO cute.  It was a priceless moment really and I loved it.

Here are just a few more shots from the week…

6 Replies to “The Return of Stinker Face”

  1. Oh my gosh that face of Sophie’s just killed me! I forgot about that face that Jack would make. So funny! I need to kiss these kids asap…major withdrawals!

  2. That face on Sophie is killer funny! Gosh…it is hard for me to even picture Jack as a little baby like that anymore. They really do look alike though! Is Jack using the potty? Miss you guys!

  3. Spring clothes!? I’m so jealous. Our weather better turn soon, because Kate is bursting out of her winter 3-6 months stuff. So Jack looks pretty comfortable on that potty…a good sign.

  4. Your kids are so cute Ame! Isn’t it so fun having two and seeing them interact? Ok, it’s just beginning for me but it’s the best!

  5. Very funny stinker face Sophs! Are we making potty progress Jack Jack? It looks like Spring is just around the corner! Well at least until we look at your next blog! Crazy!!!!

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