You know what else parenting is…

A joy…really and truly.  Especially when you see things like this…


We didn’t even have to brainwash him into loving the Lord’s University (although we already definitely had plans to do so!).  He came straight from heaven knowing right from wrong.  What a pure genius!  But seriously, we thought it was pretty great how much he loved Dan’s BYU shirt.  He just kept wanting to touch it.


What an innocent, disgusting face.  This is right after he puked in Dan’s mouth.  And believe me, Dan’s shirt and zip-up hoodie got the worst of it.  Hard to imagine from the looks of his face!


The days of immobility are over.  I used to put Jack on his back right on the mat in above pictures while I showered.  He would just lay there and kick his little legs and talk.  So much to my surprise this morning when I opened the curtain to find he had rolled over and scooted all the way back between the cupboards and the toilet.  He found the perfect sized space for himself.  And don’t ask me how he did it.  He absolutely kills me with that cute little face.

So my brother Deeds was up last night to hang out and we decided to go get some dinner.  As we were getting out of the car, he saw the mullet wig that has been in my car since Halloween and decided he would do this…


…which made me die of laughter cause it reminded me of this…


For those who know me well, you know that I HATE E.T.  Not so much the movie (although I don’t really remember it or know if I have even seen it all), but the actual E.T. thing.  I think he/she/it is disgusting.  My Jack Jack is not disgusting, but you have admit an adult sized wig on a little baby will always remind you of E.T.   And you know what is so funny about these Jack photos, how suave he looks in the first one.  He is really giving a good model pose!  Love him!

2 Replies to “You know what else parenting is…”

  1. Truly funny! Yes, your days of Jack just laying in one spot are definitely over and he won’t sit still now for several years, except when he is sleeping of course. Leave it to Dust to think of the wig idea. Way to go Uncle Dusty! You will no don’t be his favorite person through his growing up years!

  2. It’s a good thing we have moments of joy…or else I don’t think we would survive. That kid is soooo stinkin cute and I just can’t wait to squeeze him! I can’t believe that the last time I saw him was when he was days old!

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