7 months

That little lady is now seven months old.  Can’t even believe it.  She has sorta become a joy the last couple of weeks.  She is content a lot more now just playing with her toys and such.  We only have a few fussy days a week now which, believe me, is a real improvement!  She is still pretty sedentary.  She turns over on her belly all the time and sits almost perfectly.  But she isn’t scooting forward or backward.  I am not used to this.  I think she is behind cause Jack was crawling and pulling up to things by this age.  But in reality she is probably just on a normal pace unlike my Jack Jack.  Sophs is an eating champion and successful sippy cup drinker.  She has tried several real foods including green beans, peas, squash, pears, bananas, pop tarts and eggos.  She has several funny nicknames that we have already mentioned, but for journaling sake here are few more- Buggy, Bugs, Marlin (Jack’s interpretation of her middle name, Darlene) and Wild.  She loves to say “dadada” and can do it on command.  We love her and are so glad she is part of our family.

Now on to something sad and funny all at once.  We have been longing to ski this season.  It is something that Dan and I really enjoy doing together.  But with 2 kids and Dan’s busy job, we have not found a good time to go all year.  It is sort of heartbreaking really!  So this weekend amidst the blizzard Dan headed out into the back yard to ski down our tiny slope.  I was just going to look on and snap photos.  But it looked so fun and I couldn’t resist so I took a couple turns too.  Jack and Sophs loved it too.  So I guess if we never make it out to a real resort this ski season, we can at least say we took a few turns going down the hill in our backyard.  Here are the oh-so-funny photos…

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  1. I hate that the weather was such that you could ski in your back yard on Saturday! I can babysit one of these Saturdays, silly, so you and Dan can go! I love my Buggy! I can’t believe she’s 7 months either!

  2. That might be one of the funniest things ever!..skiing a short distance in your backyard! I would have crashed into your house for sure! 7 Months…our babies are growing so fast!…crazy times a billion!

  3. I loved this post! What 7 month old can say they’ve been skiing? You definitely have to get creative when limited with the little ones. I love that she’s eating eggos…that cracks me up. My babies are all late movers so I’m expecting a few more months of non-mobility. We definitely need to enjoy it while it lasts. I’m not ready to chase after 3 kids. Sophie is so super cute! I love her smile in that first picture.

  4. 7 months already – time surely does go faster with a second child, no?

    Ugh… is that really snow that is still falling in Utah these days?? Sorry you haven’t been skiing but that is great you guys made the best of it and made a great memory!

  5. Very creative Grossen Family! Sophie looks sad to have to go inside and miss all the fun! Jack is making it another winter in his snowsuit. What a great hand-me-down! Love Sophie’s green sweater and bow. Grandma Grossen really has a talent for finding cute things.

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