An overdue update

Sorry for the long delay.  No reason behind it really.  Just lazy, I guess.  We had a good Easter with my parents in town.  We really just did the traditional stuff…dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, saw what the Easter Bunny brought us, had ham and potato casserole and enjoyed a Sunday with NO meetings.  It was really lovely.  And I even had some time to think about the real meaning of Easter and how grateful I am for the Resurrection and Jesus Christ.  So here are a slew of pictures from the weeks that were!

This kid is getting huge and more and more independent.  He was so proud of his tower and his “cool dudes” (i.e. sunglasses).  And he even tried to put on his own pants after a diaper change.  Just a little bit upside down.

No…these pictures are not deceiving you…this lady has a bit of an orange glow.  And it isn’t from self tanning!  But I am still feeding her the orange veggies.  I mean, she still needs the vitamins that only they have-right?  I guess I’ll ask the doctor about it at her 9 month visit, but for now I am just loving my little oompa loompa.

My dad was here too, but I guess I failed to take a picture.  Sorry dad.  I love family and holidays!


4 Replies to “An overdue update”

  1. Rachel was orange too when she was a baby…doc says there’s nothing wrong with it. I love her open mouth smile with her eyebrows too. Such cuties!

  2. I love buggy’s orange nose! Gosh, I hate that we have to do family gatherings separate now that we are in a new land!…boring! How fun for Jack to have a little bath buddy now!…so cute! love you guys!

  3. Dangit! I didn’t get any pics of dad either. What a big fail! I love your oompa loompa too and your Jack Jack!

  4. Fun times! We always love camping out at your house and playing with those babies and all the card games as well. Hope we get to do it again soon! Love you guys!

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