Growing up

These kids are growing up so fast.  Seriously.   This week really made me think so.  Let’s start with Jack…

Mowing the lawn with Daddy.  He just looks like in a few years he will be doing that chore all on his own.

His most recent haircut makes him look older.  And the fact that he can cheese-dog it one second for the camera and the next second give me a crusty face means that he is certainly growing up.

And finally, he can spell his name with the letter magnets and obviously he feels pretty proud of himself.  And apparently this picture was taken before the haircut…yikes.

And he now knows the capitals of the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida and Massachusetts.

Buggy Boo is doing some growing of her own and surprised us with this on Monday morning…

She’s up on her hands and knees folks.  She moves backwards with ease so its only a matter of time.

Sophs also has had her happiest week on record.  Actually I think it was more like 10 days in a row that she was super content and pleasant ALL day.  Which means miracles do still happen!  Maybe she is finally out of the colic stage.  It has been lovely.

But I guess all good things have to come to an end…she managed to get her first ear infection yesterday.  Poor girl.  We had a kinda hard night last night.  Which made me think, how do we ever survive those newborn days?  I feel exhausted today!  She has been running a constant fever which has not been too fun.  But really, she has been pretty good.  But maybe that’s just because I am used to her fussy ways!  Either way, I feel pretty bad for her and hope the antibiotic starts kicking in soon…

5 Replies to “Growing up”

  1. Cute kids! Can’t even believe how big Jack is really. And Sophs…all of a sudden she looks like you Ame! I just could never pick it out before. Hope she feels better soon! Good to talk to you all this morning on the webcam!

  2. I was giving Buggy crawling lessons on Saturday when I babysat. It worked! I will teach Jack how to spell my name with the magnets next.

  3. Holy cow! Almost crawling?! I can’t believe it. I hope Kate doesn’t figure it out any time soon. Your kids are growing fast. Can you tell them to stop. At least till I see them again. The are so cute! And so smart!!!

  4. Love those kids! Seriously, Jack cannot wait until he is almost six to start kindergarten. His teacher won’t even know all the capitals of the 50 states and he will by the time he is three. Where did he come from. It must be the great parenting! I love that he spells his name now–now learn to spell Sophie! And oh little Sophie, who looks so long in that crawling position–you are so dang cute in that yellow bow and cute dress. That eck! expression is priceless. Hope the ear infection gets cleared up soon. Those are no fun! What a great Mother’s Day treat to look at my kiddies blogs.

  5. Stop it. Jack knows state capitols?! What a little baby Einstein. Your kids are super super cute Amy. Love your blog updates. I miss your smiling face 🙂

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