Movin’ on up

Someone’s knees will never beĀ  the same…

…cause this little someone is on the move, and already into things she shouldn’t be…

And someone else is getting really creative coming up with things to do in his room at night instead of falling asleep…

…lampshades always make good hats.

5 Replies to “Movin’ on up”

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe it! Just today I as sitting with Kate on a bench at the park and being so grateful she doesn’t crawl yet. We’re hoping she holds out a couple more months because all we have is hardwood floor.

  2. Check out those red knees! It kind of looks painful, but doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all! Cute girl!

  3. She has finally gone and done it huh! A real crawler! Get out the gate for the stairs. Grandma has nightmares about that. And Jack, Jack, what a character–so creative! Time for the black blinds in the bedroom. What kid would even think that the lampshade comes off? I guess when it is the only thing in the bedroom that’s left to pick into he gives it a try. Love my kiddies!

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