I love to see the temple

Today we went to Temple Square and the Church History Museum.  It was a pure delight.  The museum currently has a children’s exhibit all focused on the Book of Mormon.  It was fabulous.  Jack loved fishing from Nephi’s ship, seeing the Liahona, touching the gold plates, and playing in a pretend garden.  Perhaps his favorite part was when we visited all the prophets memorabilia and there was a podium by President Hinckley’s section.  Jack gave at least 5 talks.  He LOVES the microphone.  Sophie loved eating yogurt melts and fruit puffs in her stroller.  It was fabulous.

The flowers on Temple Square were insanely beautiful.  I could have sat there all day and let Jack run around and just look at it all.  I was in heaven.

The pictures do not even come close to doing it justice.  This is how I picture all of my flowerbeds looking someday!  Ha!  I better hire a professional.

The highlight of the trip was listening to the organist in the Tabernacle.  Jack, Sophie and I all sat mesmerized.  It was so beautiful.  And I think Jack couldn’t believe he was in the very place he sees on TV every Sunday when we watch “music” (his term for Music and the Spoken Word).  He was captivated.  Melt my heart because I love music that much too!

And just so everyone can get a good laugh, here is our latest attempt to get Jack to bed on time…

The little book I like to read about sleep suggested making this little poster and hanging it in your child’s room.  So yesterday we did just that.  I will try anything at this point cause this child is sleep deprived most days and man, the number of meltdowns he has per day has significantly increased.  So we made this poster about Jack’s sleep rules and it now hangs in his room.  If he follows the rules, in the morning he gets a treat.  So it still took him close to an hour to fall asleep last night but he never made a peep, never played with the blinds, never came to the door.  And every time I spied on him, he was just laying in his bed.  That is progress in just one night.  So hopefully once I get the curtains up in his room and it is not as bright as noonday, he will fall asleep faster and be a much more pleasant and delightful child.  We shall see…

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip to the temple grounds. i think that is going to make it on our calendar in the next couple weeks! And way to go for Jack! Just be consistent 🙂 We did stuff like this and after it was working for a while we’d ease off the reward system or attention, but when things started to creep back to the way it was, we’d try to bring the reward system back and it wasn’t as effective. For us anyway, maybe you’re guys different 🙂 Good Luck! We are currently making a calendar/chore chart so Zac can see what work we have to do each day and then what fun thigns we get to do. As soon as one fun thing ends he ALWAYS asks, What can we do fun next?! Umm…cant you just be glad for what you just did?? 🙂

  2. What fun at the temple!!! I’m jealous. Sophie is such a cutie pie. I love those pictures of her. And sounds like Jack is in transition stage to no nap. So hard, cause they still need it (as do you! right?) but then they’re not tired at night. Let me know how the poster thing works, sounds brilliant!

  3. That poster is just too cute 🙂 You are an inspiration to me to get out of the house and go do something!

  4. I love this, Ame! What a fun trip this turned out to be! I am so glad everything went well as you ventured off for a little fun all by yourself with the kiddies. Temple Square looks beautiful! Gosh, I wish I could have been there with you…what a fun little play date it could have been!…(for us anyway since I don’t have anyone to run around with Jack) Ha! Love my niece and nephew so much! I hope Jack will settle down and sleep because sleeping is so much fun! I wonder if we made a sign for Buggy and Iz if that would help too! hahaha 🙂

  5. I love Temple Square! Especially in the spring! Hurray for loving the organ and MoTab as much as all the rest of us. They were lifted to the ceiling as Kara would say.

  6. Temple Square is beautiful – that is so fun Jack and Sophie will appreciate it so much! Jack will be one of those little kids in Primary I love so much that enjoys giving talks, right? 🙂

    Sophie is such a doll! I love her little smiles!

    Ok, so what book are you reading? We were doing great with bed time until the last couple weeks and now it is a struggle some nights! I had thought about doing a poster, also, before I saw your post so I will now probably just do that type of system if it’s recommended somewhere.

  7. I’m sorry that I haven’t checked the blog lately. I guess that last week of school kicked my, you know what, then the wedding and visitors so here is Grannie Jannie checking on her two oldest babies. Wow, what an awesome outing Ame–Off to temple square! The flowers are gorgeous–I want a garden like that as well. Sophie looks adorable. I can’t wait to find out how the sleep chart is working.

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