Inch worm

Sophie is still an inch worm but that has not stopped her from getting around everywhere.  And she has already created her share of messes.  She can successfully get into a sitting position now from her “crawl”.  And yesterday she pulled herself up to the first stair on her knees.  Tomorrow she will be 9 months and the last 2 weeks at church I have already thought that I can’t wait until this crazy one will be in nursery!  Yikes, that is 9 months away.  She is a busy body.

Remember Jack at 9 months?  Ok, I don’t either really.  But here he is.  They are still twinner children.


Speaking of making messes, I gave Jack the brownie beater.  I knew it would be messy, but not this bad.  Ha.

One thing more…We have been reading the Book of Mormon with Jack before bed for a little over a month now.  Well we are only on 1 Nephi 8 so it is slow going.  But it has been so fun to see him learning about the BOM.  He grabs it everyday and says “And it came to pass, Nephi…”  A few Sundays ago, the speaker in Sacrament Meeting was reading from the BOM about Nephi killing Laban, and Jack stopped and said, “Hey that’s the Book of Mormon.”  So great.  So perhaps in a few years, we will have made it through Jack’s  first reading of the Book of Mormon.  Hooray!

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  1. So great! I love how much Sophie looks like she’s loving it!!!! It’s crazy how we forget when they were younger huh? In the moment you think you’ll never forget it.

  2. Love little Sophie, who is growing up too fast! Next she will be pulling herself up to stand at the couch. Twinners indeed, look at that spiky hair. I love that Jack is reading the B of M. That is outstanding parenting! But there is honestly something wrong when it is June and your child is still wearing long Christmas jammies! I think the warm weather is headed your way finally as it is supposed to be close to 90 degrees here tomorrow. Signs of the times!

  3. Look at Sophie just getting around on her own!..cute little lady! Her and Jack are going to be partners in crime…watch out Ame!

  4. What great pictures! Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. Sophie is growing up so fast. I love that you are reading the BOM with Jack. You guys are great parents. Love you all!

  5. Holy cow! Jack and Sophie could totally be twins if they weren’t 2 years apart. You guys make super cute children 🙂

  6. That first pic of Sophie is 100% twin of Jack. The second pic of Sophie…oompa loompa nose in full effect! I love that little face and big smile! Jack is a kid genius. He’ll be memorizing the whole Book of Mormon before we even know it.

  7. Super cute kids Amy! Way to go Sophie on getting around and make your mom crazy 🙂 9 months already?!

    You are super mom for reading the BOM with Jack. I’ve thought about doing that with Seoul and you are my example. Maybe I will try it. Isn’t it so fun when they make connections like that? Seoul recognizes phrases like “Holy Ghost” and “Baptism” during talks and points them out.

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