One crazy night

Well not really.  We did let Jack cry for an hour this morning around 5.  He is getting into another bad habit of wanting to wake up then!  But we had no idea it would lead to this when we got him up this morning


Don’t ask me how it pulled that one off.  Hahaha…funny boy!  Needless to say his arm was pretty cold!

Other than that excitement, not too much is going on here.  We just have a lot of visitors coming into town the next 3 weeks (Dan’s sister and her two kiddies and my mom and dad), so we are counting down the days.  We can’t wait to have friends to play with during the day!

4 Replies to “One crazy night”

  1. That is crazy! Don’t you wish you could have a camera on them to see what they do in their cribs. Oh I can’t wait to see him!!

  2. Oh, poor Jack! We’ll play with you at 5:00 AM Jack! See you soon. That is pretty funny how he escaped from his jammies. I agree with Melanie–a camera on the crib would be great!

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