Herways in the House

The past 2 weeks Dan’s sister and her family have been in town from NYC.  It was so wonderful to see them again.  We definitely don’t see them enough in my book.  We did a lot of things while they were here.  Jack loved his little playmates, Rachel and Tommy, sometimes more than they wanted to be loved I think.  And Tommy did take some abuse from Jack…sorry little buddy.  Sweet baby Kate is only one week older than Sophie girl and they loved sitting side by side and picking at each others’ faces, toes, hands, etc.  So cute.  Thanks for making the long journey Herways.  We miss you already!

We visited Temple Square and went to the Church History Museum.  The kids loved all the hands-on stuff.  That afternoon we did a slip and slide.  It was so cute watching the kiddos try to figure out how to do it.  Not sure they ever figured it out, but they still loved it.  And just look how cute Kate is.  Love her.

We went to a water park one day.  Jack loved his melty ice cream cone and Sophie could not get enough of the water!

We got to spend the 4th of July together.  I love it.  The pancake breakfast and parade are fast becoming my favorite holiday tradition.  And with the legalization of huge fireworks, we had a pretty spectacular show right in the neighborhood.  Jack was not sure about fireworks by the end of the night.  But one thing is certain, I love them!  I hope he’ll come around someday.

We spent a weekend in Park City which was lovely.  We shopped, did the alpine slides, ate good food, went out on the lake and played!

All of our late nights and missing naps has really caught up to us here at the Grossen house.  Both kiddos were running high fevers Sunday and Monday.  Turns out Jack has a nasty sore throat (but thankfully tested negative for Strep) and Sophs has an ear infection.  Hopefully we’ll be back up to speed by tomorrow when my parents get into town for more fun.

I just have to include these few photos cause they need to be documented.

Jack loved coloring with the chalk outside and on the 4th colored a “firework”.  He was pretty proud of it.

I had the best time watching Jack bond with Rachie.  He LOVES her and always wanted to be where she was.  By the end of the trip, I think Rachel had had her fill of the Jack man (he can be a little over bearing in the boundary depart because he doesn’t have any!), but I hope he looks up to her always!  Hiiiiiii, Rachel!

5 Replies to “Herways in the House”

  1. Fun times for the Grossen’s! Maybe the lake water brought those fever bugs to the kids. Get well soon buddy and Sophs!!

  2. Wow-I am behind on your blog. Such fun times you are having! Glad you got to go to California…too bad it couldn’t have been the same time we were there! Hope the kids are feeling better. See you soon!

  3. I love that you got a picture of them in the fountain! We all certainly had a blast…thanks for sacrificing their sleep for us, it means a lot. And I hope they feel better! My kids all came back with runny noses. Seems odd in the middle of summer. We miss you already!

  4. Looks like so much fun! The kiddos are cute, as always. The matching outfits on the girls is adorable!

    Say hi to your parentals. Looks like a fun-filled summer!

  5. Such great memories. I have the best nieces and nephews!! I need to get the video of Jack singing and Sophie playing in the fountain to you!

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