Last 2 weeks

We’ve had a lot happen in the last few weeks which I did not take nearly enough pictures of.  It is so disappointing that I am not that great at taking photos.

First off, Sophie Darlene turned 10 months on the 10th.  She is crawling, pulling herself up, walking along everything, letting go with one hand and getting too big, too fast.  She cut her first tooth about a month ago now and the second one is almost here.  She now eats everything we eat.  No more baby food.  She is a GREAT eater and has liked everything so far (including enchiladas last night for dinner that were even a little spicy).  We started whole milk a few weeks ago cause she has become quite the biter during breastfeeding.  Not my favorite thing.  I have tried to stick with it though since she only feeds 2 times/day now.  Not sure if she’ll make it the whole 12 months cause with more teeth coming in, I’m not sure I can do it.  But she likes whole milk just fine and drinks almost a full sippy cup everyday.  She is sleeping better at night finally, but isn’t perfect still.  She can say a few words (Jack, mama, dada, Na-Na (night, night)).  She LOVES babies-real and pictures.  She’s had a few successful pony tails in her hair which means it is growing and getting thicker.  She is so cute!

My parents were town.  We had a lot of fun and they helped me with some household projects.  We played a lot of cards this trip which is my favorite.  I failed to take one picture of either of them.  Bad on my part.  But we love them and were glad they were here with us.  Ryan, Kara and Isaac stopped for a brief weekend visit too.  It had been like 4 months since I last saw them.  Way too long.

Some of those pictures are way blurry, but aren’t they the cutest?  Probably explains why both babes got colds!  A little too much lovin’!

And I guess some more news, I turned 30!  I know, I know…it seems impossible, right?  Well, its true.  I feel fine about it and just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful life and family.  Here’s to my next 30 years…woohoo!

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  1. Oh yay! A new post by you! I see little Jannie Banani in the background of a few of those pictures. I think I have a couple pics with P & J in them. Stay tuned for a post on my blog soon. My little Buggy is growing up so dang fast! What a fun age right now! Happy Birthday, Ame! Welcome to do the dirty thirties! They are the awesomest! 🙂 Jack’s face in that family pic still makes me laugh audibly every time. And I miss that Izzy every minute!

  2. Oh my cuteness! Sophie Bug is adorable! And those pictures of her and Isaac are way too cute. I will be posting some on my blog as well. I love how Izzy is just straight up licking much for trying not to spread the germs! Happy Birthday, Ame! Sure do love ya! I remember celebrating your 21st birthday in our apartment together! Wow…time really does fly, but what a fun time we have had! Hate that we only got to see your for like one second, but can’t wait for guys to visit next month!

  3. LOVE the family picture! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m sad it escaped me. I can’t believe the Sophie girl is so big! Katelyn’s now scooting everywhere and I honestly can’t believe their birthdays are almost a month away!!!! So sad.

  4. You may not be able to see me but there is proof I was there with that big, gigantic white leg in a few pics. Love Jack’s face in the family photo sporting the arches. Hi Buddy and Buggy! We loved our visit! Love those kissin’ cousins! Yes friends my girls are as old as me now. There is no way I’m older than 30. Enjoy this decade while you are still relatively young! We love our trips to Utah and Idaho!

  5. Lookin’ beautiful Ame! Your family is so cute 🙂 Ugh for biting… Yay for Sophs being a big girl eater, though! They grow too fast!

  6. So fun to have family around. Especially for your birthday! I love Jack’s face in the fam picture. Can’t wait to see you all soon! Love you all.

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