Way to go Idaho

I just got back from a week spent in Idaho with my brother and his family.  The kiddos were most excellent on the car drive.  Perhaps it had something to do with our new, spacious traveling accommodations.  Jack loved watching movies in the car and Sophs was happy sucking on her binkie for 5+ hours.  Can I just say that I thought Idaho was lovely?  It seemed like such a great area.  We had a great time!  We did a few fun things–morning bike rides, splash park, zoo, Idaho State Fair–but mostly I just loved talking to Kara & Deeds and playing cards when Ry got home from work.  Thank you Cosbys for hosting us!  Please let us return the favor sometime very soon!


Sophie was obsessed with the doorstoppers.  She is always trying to find something to suck on.  I hope she won’t be a smoker someday.  These cousins had the best time playing together.  Loved it!

Between the zoo & the fair, Jack really got to experience animals like never before.  He LOVED feeding the animals.  He was not so graceful with the cow milking.  He was pulling so hard that the cow started to get a little antsy.

Here are the best photos from the photo shoot you requested mom.  Not too impressive…sorry!



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  1. Such a fun week! Thanks so much for coming to visit us! We all had the best time and wish you were still here. I could really get used to having someone to talk to all day long! 🙂 It definitely is our turn to make the trip out, so hopefully that is sooner rather than later! Love you guys!

  2. p.s. that silly face that isaac makes all the time these days is outrageous! And Sophs with her constant cigars= funny!

  3. I know that I responded to this blog a few days ago. Where it went I don’t know. I must have forgot to push the submit button. I guess I was so focused on getting the picture posted on my desktop background that I went crazy. I love all the smiles in this post. Deeds ears are hilarious and Isaac’s little Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! look is pretty funny as well. I love family time!!!!!

  4. AMY! I think we were in Idaho at the same time! By the looks of your pictures I’d say you were in Boise? I love that place.

  5. Great fun! The spacious car does make everything easier doesn’t it? I love that Jack got to milk a cow. Your kids keep getting cuter! I also love that Isaac is making the same face in at least half the pictures.

  6. Looks like super fun times… cousin time for the kids is the best! Ok, so does Isaac have a little orange nose like your kids did when they were younger?? All the kids are super cute! (and you adults look great, too 🙂

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