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Dan here. Amy told me I finally needed to make a post. I’ll admit, before our site I was very anti-blogging, but since we’ve started I’ve enjoyed reading Amy’s posts and everybodys’ comments. Plus, I agree, it’s a great way to stay in touch with Amy’s parents, my sister and her family in Charlotte, and family and friends we don’t get to see and talk to everyday.

This weekend, for me, was a much needed break and a whole lot better compared to last weekend.

On Friday, Amy and I had the opportunity to attend the first session of the Draper Temple dedication. We had to be ready to go at 7am to make the bus trip over to the chapel. Once we got there we found the chapel packed with people. With there being 12 sessions, we were both surprised to see so many people at one session. I guess we thought our experience was going to be more exclusive! Once we were in the temple, we found ourselves down in the breakroom, just one of several available rooms crammed with people and chairs to pack in as many as they could.

We had a great time though. Inspirational messages were shared by President Monson, Eyring, and Packer. Amy and I are excited to have a temple so close and thankful to have helped out in the open house and participated in its dedication. It’s one of the many things we enjoy about living here in Draper. It’s funny, looking back to when we moved here, we never thought we’d be here longer than little over a year. But we’ve loved it and have recently toyed with the idea of staying here longer than a few years. With a little bit of California coming to Draper via an In-N-Out opening, it can only help Amy love Utah a little bit more!

Another reason to love it here is we live so close to ski resorts. And lucky for me I convinced the girl I love to not only marry me, but also to love skiing! Saturday, we were able to break free from Jack and hit the slopes at Snowbird. It had been too long for us since the last time we went was mid-January.



It was a perfect warm day and I finally got to try out the new sticks. We had a lot of fun. Except for the moment Amy forgot to get off the lift…any of you that have been on the Gad 2 chair at Snowbird know that at the top there isn’t a whole lot of room for error. You have to stand up and immediately ski down the little hill. I got off and skiied down and then I hear a scream and Amy say- “I’m not getting off right now!” I spin around and look up and say- “Ame?!” as she swings on by and her skis dangle from above. The liftee immediately stops the lift as we all are laughing. The liftee asks Ame what happened, where she replies- “I must of had a stroke, but not really.” It was hilarious and Ame never let us go back to Gad 2 for the rest of the day.

We love to ski together and can’t wait to teach Jack how to ski.  We’re hoping to go ski at our favorite resort, Deer Valley, one more time before the season ends and turns into boating season!

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  1. In all my time of blogging I don’t think Jake has done one post! I think I’m going to make him do the next one:) I laughed so hard at the Gad story! I hope your muscles aren’t too sore to go again next weekend. I’m so excited to see you!!

  2. We’re planning on it. I think Dad said he couldn’t go on Saturday, so I may take Friday off if we wanted to go then.

  3. Awesome job Dan! Poor Amy…her husband just left her stranded on the lift…. j/k! Glad you like Utah!

  4. I would have wigged out on the lift every time I think. The whole idea terrifies me. What a good sport Ame. Thanks for your input Dan. It’s fun to read your view point on things. They may have In and Out in Utah but we’ll lure you back to California (at least for a visit or two) with the beach and sand and, of course, Brad’s BBQ. We love you guys and can’t wait to spend time with you both and Jack next week. Get that guest room ready. Ha! HA!

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