Boating and a big milestone

For Labor day on Monday we were able to go boating.  Hooray!  It was so much fun.  The weather was not the greatest so we were never able to ski, but we busted out the tubes and had a good time swimming with the kiddos.  I was really surprised how well Sophie did despite missing her nap and not being able to crawl around like usual.  It was awesome!

Starting Tuesday we jumped back on the potty training wagon and it has gone wonderfully.  In the last 48 hours, Jack has had one accident and it involved #2 which I’ve heard takes a bit longer to understand.  Our deal was that if Jack got 10 stars (you get a star for going potty and every time you have an accident all the stars get erased) on his potty chart, he would get his new race track toy that he picked out.  Well today he did it.  We have even ventured out of the house in underwear and all.  And he even napped in his undies and woke up dry.  So I think we’re well on our way and we couldn’t be happier!  I personally have forgotten what its like to only change one set of diapers in a day, and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Way to go buddy!  I am so proud!

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  1. Great pictures! Good idea on the star chart; Christian has been asking to potty train, but I’m not ready. Ha!

  2. Way to go Jack Jack! That picture of him in his undies is killing me and Deeds right now! What a face! Don’t ever go on the boat without me please! 🙂

  3. Wahoo! Way to go Jack! I think I might try a similar incentive program for Tommy to do it all by himself 🙂 And Hurray for boating! I love that both kiddos got a nap.

  4. Oh, Jack, Jack grandma is so proud of you. Way to go buddy! Keep it up–but come Disneyland mommy we’ll be running to all the potty stops! He’ll be an old pro by then. That is so exciting! How lucky to be able to go out on the boat. The kids will grow up loving the water for sure!

  5. Way to go Jack! What a big step for him! Funny how one day it just clicks! Wish we could have been on the boat with you! I love the pic of Sophs trying to get her sippy on with that big puffy vest…so funny!

  6. So glad you got out on the boat. Wish I could have come. And yay for Jack in his big boy undies 🙂 Love you all!

  7. The picture of Sophie with her life jacket and sippy cup is priceless!

    Yay for Jack! Star chart – great idea. I did that for Seoul but I didn’t erase when she had an accident. Great twist. Glad it’s going well 🙂 Double hooray for not having two kids in diapers!! Amazing, isn’t it?

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