Its your birthday, shout hooray!

It is 100 % unbelievable that we have a one year old.  I remember every detail of this girl’s birth like it happened yesterday.  I remember the first time Jack met her, our first night home, our first day home alone while Dan took Jack to church, our first day home without any help, the first night she cried and cried and cried and we thought something must be wrong but later came to learn it was colic, the first time she spit up her entire feeding, the last taste I had of dairy for 3.5 months hoping it would help her spitting, her first smile, the first time she rolled over, laughed, sat up, stood up, crawled, walked, the first time she clapped, waved bye-bye, gave kisses, gave fives, said dada and Jack.  I remember it all and it really was just yesterday…all of it.  And yet she is a year old and I can’t believe it.

We had a little family time on her actually birthday and then a small celebration with our extended families on Sunday.  It was lovely and I hope she felt the love.  She had no interest really in opening the gifts.  She just wanted to play with the baby doll and birthday cake.  She wouldn’t even touch the cake which is so uncharacteristic of her since she LOVES to eat.  So there is no classic one-year-old cake picture.  But we will remember it forever and it sorta just fits her personality!

On her real birthday we played outside a lot, we went to dinner & got a cupcake.  And we let her open her gift from Jack, a coloring book.

She’s a pretty fabulous lady at one year.  She is getting closer to walking but lacks the motivation and desire really.  She has taken up to 10 steps between us and has even let go of the couch a taken a few steps.  She is completely weaned from breastfeeding and bottle and loves milk.  She is sleeping pretty good at night but occasionally will still wake up in the 5 ams.  She can say Jack, mama, dada, eye, ball, bye-bye and woof for animals.  She LOVES her binkie.  We will be a world of hurt around here in a few weeks when we take it away.  But she is good about taking it out of her mouth and putting it in her bed after nap which is pretty cute.  She is starting to get into everything and has recently found my kitchen towel drawer.  Always a good time.  Her eyes seem to be turning green and her hair is as wild as ever!  We went to the doctor yesterday so here are her stats… 20 lbs. 4 oz. (45%), 31 inches long (100%), and 19 in. head (100%).  Love my big headed lady!


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  1. So cute!! Love the pictures. Her hair is starting to get some length too. Isn’t crazy to imagine these babies toddling around soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

  2. Love the sunglasses Sophs! I’m pretty sure we bought you the same cute baby doll for your birthday gift. We’ll take it back when you get here and buy something else. You sure are cute and you are such a big girl. Enjoy your binkie! Can’t wait to see you and listen to all those words you can say now. Happy Birthday little Buggy!

  3. I can’t believe it has already been a year either. Such a weird things to think about…Isaac is not to far behind and that is just bizarre times a million! Sophs is an adorable little 1 year old! Still cracks me up that she wouldn’t touch her cake! So funny! And no more b-feeds?…wow…you are such a free lady! 🙂 Happy Birthday Sohpie girl!

  4. Oh my little Buggy…I love you so much! She looks just like Amy in that last picture. Happy Birthday, my tall, skinny, big-headed little gal!

  5. Great post Amy… all those firsts. She is just the cutest girl ever! I love the picture of her in the pink shirt. I can’t beloeve she is a year old already… did it go quicker this time for you? It certainly is for me! Baby birthdays are such good times 🙂

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