“One fish, two fish…

red fish, blue fish.”

” Say, say what does this say?  Ask me tomorrow but not today”

“Now it is night.  Night is not a time for play.  It is a time for sleep.  The dogs go to sleep.   They will sleep all night.”

“And will you succeed?  Yes, you will indeed!  98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.  Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

I could go on for hours.  We have been reading to Jack for about 3 months now as part of his sleeping routine.  And well, let’s just say, I quoted all the above from memory and have about another 100 quotes I could have entertained you all with.  He likes his books.  Most nights he is pretty squirmy, but seems to love the colors and rhymes.  We just hope it is signaling that it is time for sleep.


We’ve had a fun week with Dan’s sister, Melanie, in town.  It has been fun for me and Jack to go over during the day and play.  And I think Jack had his happiest week on record.  He was such a good, cute boy.  I think he likes all the extra people to watch!


He has learned what the camera is, I think.  And instantly starts smiling.  It is pretty cute.  He has started this new really wide grin and scrunched nose lately.  He is very  funny and cute.


I have loved watching Jack’s interaction with his cousin Tommy who is 5 months older.  They have showed a great interest in each other.  And we couldn’t resist taking pictures of them in their matching dino jammies.  Doesn’t my baby look as big as his 11 month old cousin?  Geez louise!  Look how cute they are holding hands.  And as you can also see Jack Jack is getting semi-professional at sitting up.  I would never sit him down and just leave him there, but he has gone for 20 or more minutes with me by him without tipping over.

And the most shocking developments of the week…


…we are fast on our way to having  a crawler!  Jack started pushing himself up on his hands and knees this week.  And today after church, he was rocking back and forth on his hands and knees!  I can’t believe how strong he is.

Now we can’t wait for my parents to come and see the babe.  He is completely different from the last time they saw him.  Hooray for visitors!

3 Replies to ““One fish, two fish…”

  1. TOO, TOO CUTE! I can’t believe how much I’m missing him, since just 2 days ago. He brings a great smile to my face. I love the quotes too, brings back a rush of fantastic memories.

  2. Wow, you are not kidding there has been changes–just even in the last month. I love Jack’s wild and crazy hair and yes he does look as big or bigger than Tommy. Where is this boy getting his height? Definitely Dan’s side of the family. We are midgets over here on the Cosby side. What a funny boy! He is turning into a ham in front of the camera huh! Awesome! See you all soon. Keep up that reading–he’ll be a great reader when he starts kindergarten.

  3. He is so cute! I love the pictures of him and Tommy. I would love to see the two of them together. I am sure you are having fun.
    We are still waiting for Matt and Reagan to have their baby!

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