Birthday Boy

Jack is 3!   And to go right along with that, he had 3 birthday celebrations this year.  Lucky kid.  On his actual birthday, I took him to the dinosaur museum, we went to Cafe Rio for dinner and then he opened presents and had ice cream.  He loved the dinosaur museum.  I wonder why I never took him sooner.  It was really neat actually.  I can’t believe dinosaurs were ever real.  Funny story about Jack’s birthday cake this year.  I had ever intention of not making him a cake because he never eats it.  So my plan was just to have ice cream sundaes until he said that he wanted cake on his birthday.  So I scrambled together a chocolate bundt cake and Dan suggested I could make it Lightning McQueen’s tire.  Well turns out the white frosting tube I had did not have a tip on it so it came out pretty pathetic.  But surprise, surprise, Jack didn’t even touch it which means for sure no cake next year.  It was a great day for our little buddy.  We went to the doctor on Friday so here are his latest measurements…  35 lbs 4 oz. (80 %), 39.5 inches (85%), 20.5 inch head (90%).  He is a good boy and we love him.


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! You know, the dinosaur museum was where Jake and I had our first date! Love that place. I actually think the cake looks really cute. I say keep making the cakes, it’s a good excuse for you to eat it…and more for you right? Hurray for the easel too. My kids have spent countless hours on ours…even Kate 🙂

  2. Oh my! 3 already?? Happy Birthday Jack-man… sounds like a good time to have 3 celebrations! Amy – you’re such a great mom… your kids are lucky to have you!

    And that is really funny to me about cake.

  3. Happy Birthday to my little buddy! weird that he is 3 already! What a fun day for him…wish we could have been there to party with you guys!

  4. I had the same thought as everyone else–How could Jack be three already. During General Conference I reminisced about spending conference with you guys three years ago because little Jack, Jack had just been born. It sounds like Jack is slowing down a little bit on those percentiles but still a big kid for his age. Sophie’s expression at the Dinosaur Museum is a killer. Your dad says, “Is she her mother’s child or what”. Glad Jack had such a fun birthday! Funny story about the cake–ice cream with candles next year sounds like a grand idea!

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