Guess what…

…this little sassy pants is a walker!  Walking has now become her preferred mode of transportation which just means she seems bigger than ever.  And it also means that we can’t wait for nursery!  Just five more months.

Here are just a few photos I’ve taken recently of the kids.  My mom got the kids these cute Sunday outfits for their birthdays.  When we put Jack’s on he said “I look like the Bishop.”  Hahaha!  They look adorable!

And Jack has really taken to the camera lately.  He loves taking pictures.  Which means you all get to enjoy a rare but delightful treat!  2 pictures of me courtesy of Jack.  It’s your lucky day!

8 Replies to “Guess what…”

  1. Oh my cuteness! Sophs is a walker now! So great! Maybe her cousin will catch on soon! And Jack actually looks like he could be the Bishop…so grown up! And Ame…you looking so fetching! 🙂 Little jealous that Ry gets to see you all this weekend, and not me! 🙁

  2. Your kids are CUTE!!!!!! That dress is to die for. Love it!

    Aw, kid pictures of yourself are always so wonderful!

  3. You are such a betty, Ame! Cute new church clothes…good one, Janette! Watch out…little miss sassy britches is on the move! Good work little Buggy!

  4. Jack looks way too cute in that church outfit! Just bring Sophie into nursery with me and Caleb because you’ll be in the hall anyways 🙂

  5. Hooray for Sophie! I echo the comments – kids are adorable, especially in those Sunday outfits. I love boys in the little shirt & tie combo!

    You look great Amy… so happy!

  6. That picture of her standing in her adorable dress!!!!!!!! She looks SO big I can’t believe it! I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when I have Katelyn walking around trying to keep up with the other 2. Your kids are so cute!!!

  7. Cute, cute, cute. Sophie walking! That always makes things more interesting. They are both getting so big! And those last two pics of you are quite lovely as well.

  8. You’re beautiful Ame. I think Jack might need his own camera for Christmas. He did a great job. Little Jack, Jack is becoming quite the little “ham”–“cheesy grin man”–very, very funny! I think Sophie is a “little Amy” all over again. We had your baby book out over the weekend and she looks like many of your baby pictures. So, so cute all of you. I love you all!

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