Rise and Shout

We were lucky enough to be given 3 tickets to the BYU game this past Saturday.  And since the competition was less than stellar we were able to sit right by Kerri with no squeezing.  We had a good time watching the Cougs win and singing the fight song 100 times.  And the weather was beyond beautiful.  Can’t complain about wearing shorts on October 22nd in Utah.  Love it!


Here’s just a few random shots of Bugs.  Her hair is growing in more so occasionally I will do something with it.  She is sure cute but don’t be fooled…she is also a sassy lady as the second picture shows.  That is her letting me know that she was not happy I was touching her hand.  Ha!  And from the last picture you can tell that hairdos usually don’t last very long which is why I really lack motivation to do it!

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  1. AAhhhh! I can’t believe you got to go to that game. Jake and I watched it online this week and I kept telling him I wanted to be in Provo for it because of how BEAUTIFUL it looked. And with Bronco in a short sleeve shirt I knew it had to be nice. JEALOUS! Although I’m so glad you got to enjoy that game. So fun! I know TCU will be another story but it was so fun to look so good.

  2. That football game was so fun and the weather was perfection! Go Cougars! And I will second Amy’s claim that Sophs is a sassy pants, but I sure do love her more than life itself. Her sass cracks me up! Where does she come from? She is the cutest little gal!

  3. Oh Sophs, what a sassy doll face! So fun that her hair is getting longer…the bows look so cute! When I was in CA, Jannie pulled out the baby books, and I looked at yours Ame and all I have to say is that Sophie girl looks just like you did! Hands down! How fun to be able to go watch the Cougs! Wish we were there with you!

  4. We ended up being able to go to the game with the family as well. It looks like Sophie had more fun than Cassie did. It was great weather though. Almost too hot. I am glad you are doing well. Your family is getting big fast.

  5. What a darling cougar family! Rise and Shout. Love my little sassy Sophs and my little pine cone Jack. Dan and Ame are pretty great too. I love the cougar blue!!!

  6. Go Cougs! Also yay for cute little kiddos! (although Jack sure is getting to be a big guy.) Glad you’re having fun! Love the hairdos… too cute!

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