O Christmas Tree

We went and got our tree this last weekend.  It was freezing cold outside so we couldn’t be a methodical as we like picking it out.  But it really is lovely and the kids have had a great time pulling ornaments down everyday.  I currently have 2 on the counter that need repair.  I love fresh trees!  My house smells divine.  I just hope I can keep it alive longer than last years.

I so wish that last photo had not come out blurry.  We strung the lights after the kids went to bed so the next morning they were on when the kids got up and Sophie was just mesmerized.  It was the cutest thing ever.  And yes, my children do wake up when it is still dark outside.  Jack was the cutest boy ever at the tree farm.  He was running everywhere so excited about the trees.  His favorite part was when he found a Jack-sized tree.  It made him so so happy!

7 Replies to “O Christmas Tree”

  1. SUCH cute pictures!!! You captured some adorable faces!!! I think I have at least 20 ornaments I need to glue.

  2. Jack looks so excited and happy surrounded by all those trees. Very cute and such fun with little ones to enjoy it all!

  3. Very fun! I love how excited Jack is about the Christmas tree! Isaac also loves pulling off ornaments! Luckily none of them are broken (yet)! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe Jack’s globe still fits in that hat. That’s what’s killing me right now! So so cute! Can’t wait to come see your tree!

  5. I love Christmas trees! It’s always an adventure with us trying to get a tree for some reason. The girls don’t pull ornaments off but I found Sydney chewing on a light the other night.

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