St. George Getaway

This past weekend we went down to St. George for a much needed little break.  It is crazy how it can only be in the low 50s outside and feel so so good.  I felt like I should be wearing shorts.  And that is a true sign that I have lived in Utah way too long.  Our friends, the Mills, invited us to spend the weekend in a vacation home with them.  We thought they were pretty brave to travel in our car with us and hang out with the kiddos all weekend.  But I must say our kids were pretty awesome this trip.  Dan and Mark enjoyed some golf, Katrina and I enjoyed some shopping, we all loved Zions National Park and seeing the Jewkes, and the kids just LOVE staying at a “hotel house” as Jack called it.  Good times!

4 Replies to “St. George Getaway”

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Its crazy when 50 degree weather sounds like a dream! I totally get it! The kids looked like they had a good time hiking! Did Sophs like riding in the backpack carrier?

  2. Nice get away! Jack looks so grown up with his hands in his pockets. Glad you guys could have a little break!

  3. Cute family! Seoul is looking at pictures with me and she kept asking to see a picture of the girl’s [Sophie] mommy and daddy so the family picture was perfect timing. A weekend getaway sounds divine…

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