This is the boring post that follows the holiday season!  It seems so anti-climatic and I think that is why it has taken me forever to post anything!  But we have had a few exciting things happen…we’ll start with Jack.

This 3 year old started Primary.  And besides his first week where he was into turning the lights on and off, he has been stellar.  Now I’m sure he is his teachers’ biggest challenge, but he is sitting in his chair most of the time when I spy on him and he seems to be loving it!  I couldn’t be happier.  He also started going to the Joy School that a few moms in my ward have been doing.  He is also doing awesome there!  My heart just feels glad cause there have been a few times (and I’m sure they are not over!) that I have had breakdowns worrying about this little boy and his behavior.  I sure love him and think he is so fabulous!  But almost daily we have some issue like the last 2 pictures illustrate.  In said pictures he got into my mascara and wasn’t too happy when I tried to follow him with the camera.  I think he thought he was in trouble which he wasn’t.  But next time he does it, he will be busted.

Now to Sophie…

This lady had her first Dum-dum sucker and it turned her mouth completely blue.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  She turned 16 months a week or so ago and she is becoming a little talker.  I counted the other night and she can say 20+ words.  Now granted…most of them the average person would not recognize to be words.  But I totally get her.  I painted her toes the other day just to see if it was possible and it is, in fact, possible!  Pretty cute, but don’t look to close.  And finally the kiddos are making good use of Sophs’ new table.  They play “tea party” at least once a day.  Pretty cute and it is nice to see them play well together since it doesn’t always happen that way.


6 Replies to “Boring”

  1. Not boring at all! Cute cute kids! Still is crazy for me to believe Jack is really in Primary already. Can’t wait to hear about when he has to give a talk or prayer and probably won’t even need your help! And then Sophie Bug…looking so old these days with her toes painted! Isaac too is a fan of dumdums, but they can be very messy! Love these kids!

  2. Can I come to the next “tea party” in my underwear like Jack? Buggy’s first pedicure…that’s a slippery slope. Now she will want one every other week like me! Those pics of Jack make me laugh so much.

  3. I know what you mean by boring. Life definitely takes a dump after the holidays. January is my least favorite month. I love Jack’s sad face, and that last one looks very Grossen. Sophie’s hair is the best! I’m LOVING 16 months…everyday it’s something new.

  4. Oh you have some great kids. I love Jack’s sad face. And I love that you painted Sophie’s toenails. I can’t wait for my little girl to come!

  5. I love the random pics Ame. Tea parties and painted toenails. Jack’s, I got caught photos are pretty priceless! Love his cute smile in his jammies. Hugs and kisses.

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