Six months old

Well the babe is officially six months old and we officially cannot believe it.  I can hardly believe he is the same person we brought home from the hospital six months ago.  He has grown up so much.  Babies are amazing!  We went to the doctor on Monday.  So his stats are as follows… 17 lbs 1 oz. (50 %), 27.5 inches long (80 %), and 44 cm. head (55 %).  So I guess he is growing into his head!  Dr. Savage said he can now sleep 12 hours at night without needing a feeding.   So we are going to work on reaching the ever-coveted milestone sometime soon.  For now I am only getting him once and it has to be after 4 am.  It has been good so far.  We hope it continues.  He is a great eater of solid foods.  He loves them.  And we have even tried the little puff things a few times and he has had one graham cracker.  I have been more diligent this week about offering him the sippy cup, and he even had a successful drink yesterday!  Here are a few random shots from yesterday.  We love him!


I bought him these rings a week or so ago because I felt like he needed a new toy.  And just like I supposed, he loves them.  Look, he can even wave hello…not really but in this photo at least.


I was in the kitchen cleaning up Jack’s lunch and making my own, and I peeked around the island to find him completely under the ottoman.  The gap is just perfect for him.  I wonder how he finds these places.  I laughed and laughed.


A new face!  Right before his late afternoon nap yesterday he started sucking on his bottom lip.  Now he will not stop doing it…seriously.  We tried to get him to smile at us this morning and he just wanted to pull this face and nothing else.  Funny boy!

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  1. I miss this kid every minute of the day! Remind me this weekend and I’ll burn all the pics you need.

  2. Amy, I just love to read your blog. It’s fun to watch Jack grow up and you and Dan are amazing parents. Also, congrats on your new calling – I wondered if that was in the works after your amazing lesson a few weeks ago. Looking forward to being taught by you each month!

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