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Happy February everybody!  I can’t believe January (the most dreaded month, in my opinion) is over!  I feel like Spring will be here before I know it and I just can’t wait to see my tulips come up!  It is my favorite time of year.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Life is just grand here for us.  We have been taking it real easy and the days just seem to drift by.

Did I mention that this kid loves preschool?  We just started our turn hosting for the month of February.  It should be a fun month.  But check out the stegosaurus he made…he LOVES it!

This little spunky one is getting all sorts of teeth.  She has two molars coming in right now to add to the 5 teeth she has already.  Our nights have been a little long and the ibuprofen bottle is almost empty.  Sad.  And what are we going to do with her hairdo?  Her hair is growing in a lot so I have been trying to put it up most days.   But she ALWAYS pulls it out in minutes and then it is sticking up everywhere.  I’m sure we get funny looks while we’re out…but really it is a battle that I just can’t win.

Dan heard some rustling around in Jack’s room the other night around midnight.  So he went to spy on him and when he opened the door he couldn’t see him in his bed.  It was a little panic moment until he realized that was him all bundled up and sleeping on his piles of books.  Looks real comfy little buddy.  I swear sometimes he sleep walks.

Enjoying a morning eggo…picnic style.  Jack always requests to eat it this way and Sophie is catching on.

Sure do love these little babes.

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  1. Super cute!!! What great pictures! I too am SOO glad January is over. What a long dreadful month. I can’t complain too much with how MILD it’s been, and that I’m not treading through it like NYC. Okay, sorry for babbling. I love your kiddos!

  2. That is super funny about Jack!…sleep walking and passing out on his books! Such a funny kid! And cute Sophs and her crazy hair! One day maybe she will leave the bows or pigtails in! Either way, she is a cute girl! 🙂 p.s. I need a better picture of this entry table…looks real cute!

  3. Oh my word, I miss those kids every single day! I hope that Jack will make me a Stegosaurus someday soon. Jack’s hair was wild for a long time too, and now his mane is tame. There is hope, Buggy!

  4. Dinosaurs and volcanoes! What more do you need Jack, Jack. Glad to hear that you like preschool so much. We hope mommy still likes it after February is past. I miss these kiddos as well. Love your hair Sophie Girl. You kids are great.

  5. Oops! I forgot to comment on Jack asleep on the floor–That was very funny. I wonder what he had to say the next morning when you showed him the pictures. When you can’t sleep, read a book and you can go back to sleep just like that. Lesson learned already Jack buddy.

  6. Amy – you’re beautiful! Your kids are adorable! I love Sophie’s crazy hair! I hear ya on the teething thing… Sydney maybe is on a break because she’s sleeping better but still has a runny nose. She won’t let me feel in her mouth.

    Tell me about preschool – how many days for how long and how many kids? People keep asking if I’m putting Seoul into preschool this year and for some reason I hesitate. A friend talked about doing an informal one for our kids next year. Jack’s Stegosaurus is fantastic!

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