Happy Love Day

Here’s the kids on V-day.  I mostly wanted to get a good shot of Soph’s pigtails (that lasted 5 minutes tops).  I was able to get all her hair into them and they are still so, so small.  But it is growing!

Anytime I have the camera out, Jack wants to pose for a picture.  So be expecting about one or more of these types of photos in every post.

Sometimes he grabs the camera on his own and surprises me with pictures like this.  This photo makes Jack laugh hysterically.  He asks to see it 100 times per day and then proceeds to have a gut-busting laughing session.

I was so proud of Jack for following the pattern to make a boat with his blocks.  He did this all on his own while I was getting ready for church.  Proof that sometimes he does entertain himself and doesn’t always run around like a wild man.

One day I came into the room to find Sophie in my purse.  As I got closer I saw gum wrappers and smelled spearmint.  Then I proceeded to fish that much gum out of her mouth.  She sobbed and sobbed that I took it away.  Now my purse hangs on a door handle or chair out of reach.  I’m just glad I found her when I did because she really was getting close to choking.

Yesterday I found blue crayon all along the stair walls and on the tile entry floor.  This little lady was the culprit.  I brought her down to show her and said “Sophie…that is a no-no”.  She burst into tears.  Too funny not to document.  She is a sensitive soul.  And turning into quite the mischief maker.  It was my first time with crayon on the wall.  Luckily it came right off…no problem.

Sometimes I find her like this…laying on her belly, playing with the I-Pod.  Yes…she completely knows how to operate it.

She was giving me major attitude about taking her picture.  I just wanted to document her cute outfit and the new hair clips we got.  But she came around and then she really got her model pose on.  Funny sass.



5 Replies to “Happy Love Day”

  1. What?! Jack never colored on your walls. Wow you are lucky. Katelyn’s made a nice mural right next to my bed. Sophie’s so funny. I can’t believe the gum story, crazy! And Jack has the most contagious smile. I love it!

  2. Ok, I seriously just had the same experience with the gum. However, I caught it too late and he had not only eaten the gum, but the wrappers too! He didn’t bother to unroll the gum from the wrapper, he just put the whole thing in his mouth! Not kidding! That can’t be good for you! Sophs little sassy pants cracks me up! And Jack and the camera…that made me laugh out loud just now! Sophie’s valentine dress is too cute!

  3. What is it about kids crying that make the funniest pictures? Oh Bugs! You are the cutest little sass! You can still really see Jack’s eye stripes in that pic. His nose looks ginormous. So dang funny!

  4. O, Jack, Jack you are too funny! That picture of your nose is very funny kiddo. Be sure to have mommy put some more of your pictures on the blog. I love the boat. You are so talented. Sophie just likes purses and all that’s in them. She is a girl through and through. Very funny! I love the pose of her laying her head on the couch. That is getting added to my screen saver scroll. Love you kids!!!!!

  5. Love Jack’s pictures and boat-making abilities. Such a smart boy! Is it just second children or did Jack get into as much?? Sydney is going to be my wild child for sure.

    Sophie’s crying picture breaks my heart – CLASSIC!

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