Snow Day

We finally had enough snow to go sledding in our backyard and play a little.  It is the first time that we have really put Jack’s snow boots and suit to use since he got them for Christmas.  And Sophie inherited the infamous marshmallow/penguin snowsuit and looks completely puffy and adorable in it.  I had a good time outside with the kiddos.  Sophie cried a lot but every time I tried to bring her in, she cried too.  So we ended up staying outside for like 45 minutes.  We slid down our hill at least 30 times and made snow angels.  So fun!

Jack has found a new subject for his picture taking hobby.  She seems to like it.

Today in preschool I told the kids to practice writing their name at the top of their paper.  I was proud of how Jack’s turned out and that he really did try instead of just blowing of my request.  I had to document since it really is the first time he has attempted to write his full name.   So proud!  Can you tell that it says his name?

So thankful for my little kitchen helper.  He has been so interested in helping me cook dinner lately.  Sometimes it is hard to find something for him to do.  But I try to encourage it since I want all my kids to learn how to cook.  Tonight he helped me cut the zucchini.  He was awesome considering he was using his plastic Ikea knife.  I think I’ll call him little chef!

7 Replies to “Snow Day”

  1. There sure is a lot of white stuff in those first photos! I love seeing Jack helping in the kitchen and I’m proud of his name writing as well. Just a hint—try to get the kids to use those lowercase letters because that makes teachers real happy. Ha! Ha! Jack is quite the photographer. I love the bottom picture of Sohpie and both kids in the snow. One more preschool day this month for you?

  2. Look at that snow! I’m 1% jealous of that, although our sun is starting to shine and we’re loving that. The kids are cute all bundled up like that.

    Smartie pants Jack! That is so great he’s writing his name 🙂

    Good job you for letting Jack help in the kitchen a lot. Seoul always wants to and I admit that sometimes I just say no (like today). Call me a mean mom 🙂

    You’re one fantastic momma!

  3. That’s the Utah winter I recognize! It really has been a strange winter, so its fun for the kiddos to get a chance to play in the snow! It looked really cold! I think its great that Jack likes to help in the kitchen! Good work, buddy! And his picture taking is too too funny! Captured some cute ones of Sophs though! Sure had a good time skyping with you guys yesterday! Can’t wait for us to hang out soon!

  4. Jack is your sous chef just like I am Olivia’s sous chef in all her baking adventures. 🙂 That snow makes me want to heave. Don’t love it! I can definitely tell that that is Jack’s name…way to go, pal!

  5. Sounds like Buggy has a love/hate relationship with snow too. It is kinda fun to play in, but its so stinkin’ cold!

  6. I almost bought Kate a snowsuit on clearance and I’m glad I didn’t…at least so far. One or two snow storms is my definition of a perfect winter. (As long as there’s enough in the mtns) Your kids are really growing up. First comes the name, and soon enough you’ll be getting love notes. It’s so fun! Way to go Jack!

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