Under the weather

2 kids…2 double ear infections.  That has been our life the last 2.5 weeks.  Just as Sophie was finishing up her antibiotic, Jack got his.  So we are going on like day 14 of antibiotic.  Pretty fun.  In reality, though, it has not been too bad.  We only had a handful of rough nights.  Life is pretty much back to normal now.  Thank goodness.  Can I just say…we have had our fair share of sickness this winter and it hasn’t even been that cold of a winter.  Summer please be better to us!

So we’ve watched a few more cartoons than normal.   The kids sometimes like to share the computer chair and watch Curious George together.  Its pretty cute when they’re friends.

Most days we’ve just been hanging around the house emptying bottle after bottle of ibuprofen.  Poor kiddos.  They sure are cute though.

5 Replies to “Under the weather”

  1. Hate those darn ear infections. They are no fun at all. I can’t wait to watch those two being buddies when we visit. Cute piggies Sophs!

  2. We’ve had more ear infections this winter than all my winters of having kids combined. We never get them. Tommy needed a round two of antibiotics and both Rachel and Tommy went very hard of hearing for a good few days. Crazy!!

  3. You sure do have cute kiddos!!

    Sorry about the sickness. Sydney woke up with yet another cold today. Argh. Seoul and her ear infection in January? Lots of sticky, pink medicine – All over me. She hated it and made such a fuss every time she had to take it.

  4. Man oh man…we have got to get rid of these illnesses little kiddos! Everyone needs to get feeling better so we can play next week! Can’t wait! 🙂

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