Sweet Jacob and Springtime

We visited Jacob on his birthday this year.  We sure miss him and wish he were here with us so we could play.  But we are eternally grateful for the Plan that brings us hope and peace knowing that someday we will be able to play together!  Can’t wait little buddy.

It has been warming up.  The flip flops are out and so are the short sleeves.  It is barely breaking 60 degrees.  But that is warm here and we are loving it.

5 Replies to “Sweet Jacob and Springtime”

  1. What a sweet Aunt to go visit little Jacob with his cousins in tow. Did you give Jack a little lesson on the plan of salvation? Look at Daniel in those shorts–bring on Spring!

  2. We are hitting 70 today. I’m LOVING it!!! So great to see the swing set getting put to good use!

  3. I have been loving the weather, but I just know winter isn’t over yet :'( can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

  4. So glad your family believes in the Plan of Salvation so it can bring all of you peace.

    Lucky! We had nice weather. Then it snowed yesterday. At least the girls loved it and hopefully it should warm up to Spring. Love swing sets!

  5. Thanks again for visiting Jacob for us! That sure was sweet and means a lot to us. I love the Spring weather…makes me so happy!

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