Two weeks of milestones!

Jack has hit many milestones the last couple of weeks.  I think maybe he was trying to show off for all of the visitors we had.  I really believe he loves having an audience since he was the happiest he has ever been when all the family was around.


Milestone #1:  He is an official sitter-upper.  It truly happened over night I feel like.  But he is almost 100% now.  He only gets sad when he falls backwards and even then, he’s not too sad.

Milestone #2 and #3:  These coincide with the sitting up factor, he officially sat in the front of a shopping cart and loved it, of course.  And he had his first bath in the big tub.  He got super excited and kicked his legs a lot, which let to a few falls in the tub.  But he was so happy and proud of himself



Milestone #4:  He ate his first graham cracker all by himself.  I had given him pieces before, but this was the first time he got to eat on his own.  He did so good and, as you can see, he loved it!  Another eating triumph, he has been having size 2 jars of food with no problem.  He is a good eater.

Milestone #5:  Something we hoped would never happen, but alas…Jack had his first fever.  He woke up yesterday really sad.  He felt really warm all day even on tylenol.  I think it must just be a little cold or something since he has a tad bit of a runny nose and cough.  We hope to see these cute faces again soon…


…but for now, we’ll just give him lots of love and pray it doesn’t spread to Dan who currently has no immune system due to a new Crohn’s medicine he is taking.  At least I know now why Jack was on the fussy side Friday/Saturday.  I feel like he is on the mend a little today, but that hasn’t kept me from pumping the Tylenol in every 4 hours.  Poor, poor baby.  One plus to the sickness, he is a tad less crazy and little more cuddly which always makes this mommy smile.

5 Replies to “Two weeks of milestones!”

  1. Poor Jack, I hope he starts feeling better soon. I’m still waiting for that other milestone to soon creep out. He is so so so cute!!

  2. Hey Amy- saw your blog link from Clint and Natalie’s blog- so I peeked. Jack is sooo adorable! Hope he feels better soon.

  3. We miss that boy! Glad to hear he seems to be on the mend. Can’t wait for June. Love, from Granny & Gramps

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