18 months

The little lady is 18 months.  So big already.  Time sure goes by fast.  We took her to the doctor last week for her “well baby” visit.  And wouldn’t you know it…she has a double ear infection again!  Except this time I had no idea.  She didn’t have a fever and was not any grumpier than usual.  Poor lady.  So just when I thought my trips to the pharmacy were coming to an end, I found myself there once again.   Holy cow.  But at least we got to learn her stats which are as follows…

23 lbs 12 oz. (50%)

33.5 inches long (95%)

19 inch head (85%)

Not sure on the accuracy of the length measurement since she hasn’t seemed to outgrow too many of her clothes.  But I guess she’s pretty tall.

At 18 months Sophie girl is so funny and still so sassy.  She is obsessed with her shoes and jacket lately and wants them on all day everyday.  Unfortunately, she has become a little attached to me.  It is not my favorite.  This had made the transition to nursery a little tricky.  But lucky for her (not me), I have been asked to sub the last 2 weeks in nursery.  She has a real opinion on most things and sure let’s us know when she is not happy with something.   And that is about 95% of what Jack does.  So she is pretty vocal all day.  One day this last week Jack and I listed all the words that Sophs says and she is up to 45+ words.  She said her first phrase a couple of weeks ago “Mama…eat!”  She knows all the actions to Popcorn Popping and loves to sing it so much.  We sure love her cute smile with those big front teeth.  It is adorable beyond words.  Her hair is growing in more and more which makes her hair that much crazier when she pulls out her rubber bands.  Jack was laughing hysterically about it the other day and that led to the last picture you see.  It is pretty wild.  She has become pretty good at telling me when she has just gone potty (#1 and #2).  And then she asks to go sit on the potty even though she has already gone.  Pretty cute and funny.  She brings a lot of joy (and drama) to our family and we just love her.

Couldn’t forget about Jack and had to include one picture of his latest spelling venture.  It always comes on spaghetti night!

He spelled stop and go with his noodles this time.  He is getting really good at recognizing a handful (probably 15 or so) of words.  He really is a smart pants.

5 Replies to “18 months”

  1. You have 2 smarty pants! I can’t believe Sophie is showing signs of being ready for the potty already! She talks a lot too! I love all her faces, she’s SO cute!!!

  2. I loved all the facial expressions in the pictures. I think Deeds has a challenge going on with little Sophie girl in claiming the “FACE” nickname. We can’t wait to get reacquainted with your little sassy pants girl. She better love her grandma and grandpa and not hang on mommy all the time. Love that spelling fool! He’ll be ready for first grade when he enters kindergarten–darn Sept 1st deadline.

  3. Your kiddos are so smart and cute! Love the sassiness. Sorry for the sickness – that is no fun!

  4. Oh Sophs…such a crack up! Thanks for letting us see firsthand some of your sass this past week! Love those faces you make! 🙂

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