Idaho Trip

Just about 2 weeks ago we got back from a week long trip to visit Ryan and Kara in Idaho.  I really love it there.  My kids had a great time and I was overjoyed to have a week of training for my 1/2 marathon on flat ground.  We did a lot of fun things and I have about one million photos.  So here it goes…

Our first adventure was Monkey Bizness.  To sum it up, Sophie was in heaven and showed us that she is a real dare devil.  Jack was terrified of the big slide and really only started to cheer up when he found this rope swing.  And sweet little Isaac was spooked by everything.  I thought that big slide was so much fun.  I felt like a kid again.

Next we went to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary.  I thought it was so fascinating.  Prison life is so sad.  It is really tragic that people make such stupid decisions and end up in a place like that.  It seems like the most depressing place on earth.

Here are our best shots of the cousin photo shoot.  Someday maybe we’ll get a good one.  Someday…

One morning we spent at the YMCA pool.  The kids had the time of their little lives.  I think Jack could have played there all day.  Sophie spent the morning as a little boy since I didn’t have a swimsuit in her size yet.  Pretty funny.

Our last fun stop was another play place for the kiddos.  Jack surprised me when he wrote hot and stop on the chalkboard by himself.  I don’t even know how smart he really is until he pulls stuff like that.  Isaac’s love for balls is unprecedented.  He spent at least 75% of the time there shooting the ball through the hoop.  And Sophs loved the slides and riding on the tractor.

The rest of our days were spent at home.  Jack built one impressive tower.  Sophie and Isaac loved to pull all the cushions off the couch and play with the balls.  All the kiddos loved watching the music scenes from the movie Rio.  And the adults were so excited for bedtime so we could play games and eat ice cream.  So, so fun.  Thanks for such a fun time Ry and Sister B.  Let’s play again soon!

5 Replies to “Idaho Trip”

  1. What fun!!! Sophs is SO cute with her little Easter dress and smile. I LOVE that swimsuit shot…super funny! You might as well send that Jack straight to first grade. Seriously impressive!

  2. Oh, it makes me want to do it all over again! Go ahead and come on back! We had such a great time too!

  3. Wish I was there every single day. Sister wives…consider it, Ry 🙂 The pic of Iz at the pool with his hands on his chest makes me pee for some reason. And Soph waving at the car that drove by in her Easter dress…love! Why do vacays have to end? Always love every minute I get to spend time with all the people I love the mostest!

  4. So fun to visit fam! 🙂 The pictures of the kids are great. You look beautiful Ame. Looks like such fun activities… all the kids are so cute and so big!

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