Spring Break

My parents were able to come up again this year for Spring Break.  It was lovely to have them here.  Ryan and Kara were able to surprise them and come down from Idaho for the weekend too.  It was fun to have everyone (minus Deeds…boo!) here for conference.  Although with the babies around we got about 25% of conference I would say.  We didn’t do much while they were here, but we are pretty chill like that.  We just like to be together!

We were able to visit my grandma 0ne day while she was at her bowling league.  Who thinks its awesome that my grandma is 78 and in a bowling league?  Me.  And p.s. she is way better than me!  The kids loved bowling a game.  Jack even got a couple of strikes.  Something made Sophs mad and I cannot resist putting a picture of her crying face up.  It is just too funny.  And too bad we didn’t find the race car arcade game sooner cause I’m pretty sure they could have sat there and pretended to race all day.

We ventured downtown to City Creek.  It really is so lovely.  The kids LOVED the Disney Store.  Sophie loves “Hot Dog” (her name from Mickey Mouse…she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  She just wanted to hold and love on that stuffed Mickey so much.  So cute!

Once again I have like no pictures of my parentals.  But they really were here and we had a great time.

4 Replies to “Spring Break”

  1. Sophs and her pigtails is way too cute! Glad we got to see you all again! Next visit in July will be much longer! p.s. I want to go to City Creek when we are there, ok?

  2. The bowling adventure was so much fun! It was great to see Sophie so excited and cheering for herself. I think the sad shot of her was when she just didn’t want to bowl anymore. The race cars were definitely a hit!

  3. Great pictures!! And it looks like you guys have had some great weather. I LOVE that your grandma is in a bowling league. I think I want to do the same when I get old.

  4. Yay for family time! Bowling league = pure awesome. Your kiddos are looking so big. Let’s just stop time for a few minutes, OK?

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