We’re alive…barely

Well we survived Jack’s first sickness.  I thought he was on the mend when I posted last, but turns out the next day the cough set in and sneezing beyond belief which led to watery eyes and a dripping nose.  I fear that Jack might now know what it means when mom is coming at him with any piece of cloth or tissue…the inevitable nose/face wipe.  He turns away instantly and sometimes starts to whimper.  Poor guy.  But, he came out on top and is truly back to his happy, go lucky self these days.  Dan, on the other hand, caught the bug unfortunately and has been sick beyond compare for the last 5 days.  He has started coughing pretty good so hopefully it is on its way out for him.  And as for me, I am just starting to get stuffy.  I just wonder why it can’t all hit at once.  Why can’t we all just be on our death beds at once so we can just cry together?  But then again, would I want to be taking care of an uber-demanding baby while I feel like crawling in a hole and dying myself?  Not likely.  So, I guess its for the best.  And don’t let me throw a pity party for myself…I don’t feel bad at all compared to the rest of my family.  So that is what we have been up to.  Survival!

The weather is supposed to be in the 70s all week which means Jack can sport some of his ultra-stylish summer gear.  Which further means that I can attempt to take some cute photos.  And, of course, we have to document his new trick of getting onto his belly/hands and knees from the sitting position.  He is well on his way folks to being a crazy fast mover.  In fact, at church yesterday, I nearly lost him 500 times off of my lap with his sudden movements.  The craziness has returned and that is how I know he is feeling 100%!


He loves the vents for whatever reason…


…and the Rubik’s cube, which p.s., is impossible and I will not ever believe otherwise.  Unless, of course, you remove the stickers a put them back on the right way.


He was having fun peeking at me through his toy this afternoon so I had to snap a shot albeit, blurry.  I swear I don’t have the shakes.


Isn’t he the cutest!  I am never over it…even in the wee morning hours.  Well…sometimes…


Howdy ma’am…or really just trying to get that hat off his head.  He didn’t figure it out all the way and I hope he never does cause I have too many adorable hats that I need to further torture him with!  Such a happy little babe!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that kid. Those pictures are so adorable, I have the cutest nieces and nephews. I’m sorry to hear that you all got sick, that is no fun, hope everyone is on the mends so that you can all enjoy this beautiful weather!

  2. Very cute boy! Yep, sounds like you are going to be having a early walker. He accomplishes whatever he sets his mind to and sorry, but the sad news is he will get that hat off in a matter of days. When we were there he didn’t even touch the hat when you put it on him. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, can I wait patiently until June 23rd? I need to hug and kiss that boy. I have to baby proof my house. He’ll be so mobile by then!

  3. Sorry to hear about the colds going around. Hopefully, I wasn’t the contributor from mine about 1 month ago. That was brutal. Dan I hope you are on the final mend, no fun at all.

    The pictures are absolutely AWESOME. Great work. Too much fun.

    Thanks for the updates

  4. Sorry about the sicknesses guys. As far as air vents go… he loves the air that comes out of them… and he loves sleeping with the fan on… sounds like someone I know.

  5. No fun!! Hopefully you’re in the clear of getting sick like that again until next winter with your spring starting. I’m glad that you’re better and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures…as always.

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