It Starts

Jack has taken a real interest in dressing himself lately.  Which is really great cause its one less thing that I have to do.  But sometimes his outfits of choice are not exactly what I would have chosen.

We have been putting our zoo pass to good use the last couple of weeks.  And we were even able to meet our friends, Annie and Caleb, there last week.  They moved away about a month ago so we were so happy to see them!

Both of my kiddos have been sort of anti-hats there whole lives despite my best efforts!  But one day Jack saw his swim hat and decided he wanted to wear it.  And just because brother was doing it, Sophie wanted to participate too.  They look so cute.  Hopefully this is a start of a new trend.

4 Replies to “It Starts”

  1. That last pic is a really good look for Sophs…hat, sandals, and huge pink hat…haha! I need to join you on one of your upcoming zoo visits!

  2. Sophs pink skirt outfit is so cute! I love going to the zoo! Fun times! P.S. why is Jack wearing grown-up flip flops?…such a big kid! 🙂

  3. Tommy can pick some wild combinations too! I kinda love it. His pants and underwear are often backwards. I LOVE Sophie with the hat and no clothes!!!

  4. It looks like Jack is getting his groove on at the zoo! Love Sophie’s grin in the stroller pic and Jack by the gorilla. Love Sophie’s ice cream outfit. Isn’t independence great!

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