Camping and Sleep

Last weekend Dan and Jack headed up to the Father and Kids camp-out with our ward.  Sophs and I were left behind and poor little Sophie was just devastated.  She cried so much when they left and just looked all around the house like she was lost without her constant buddy around.  Anyway…camping was great until night came.  It was so windy that the tent kept collapsing in on the boys.  Jack was in and out of sleep and kept waking up scared.  Dan never could fall asleep until they decided about 3 am to climb in the back of the van.  There they both slept like rocks until about 7:15.  So it was a long night.  But at least they got to eat marshmallows and play in the fire.  Every little boys dream!

My kids have fallen asleep at weird times and in funny places the last couple of weeks.  Sometimes my Jack loves to fight taking his nap.  But I am pretty mean and rarely give up.  Its a test of wills and 99% of the time, I win the battle.  This day he finally gave it up about 2:45 right on top of Pluto.

Sophie has been a little under the weather this last week.  Just not acting herself.  We had 2 wedding receptions, 2 nights in a row which kept her up late.  All that combined led her to fall asleep on the carpet during story time right before nap.  This has never happened in our house so it had to be documented.

Finally, my dad is sort of a BBQ master.  His tri-tip is pretty exceptional.  We have been trying to muster the courage to try to make some on our own for a few years now.  And we finally got brave and, guess what?  It was amazing.  Thanks Brad for letting us in on the tricks of the trade.

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  1. Oooo I wish I could partake in some of that steak. Those tired kids are so funny. I’m still so jealous that Jack still naps. Good for you for sticking to it! Fathers and Sons will only get better and better from here right?

  2. Oh, yes, another boy that’s a piro!!! Boys, sticks and fire. Poor tired Sophie girl. Way to go Danno with the van sleeping and providing your won with wonderful memories. Congrats on the tri-tip as well. Wish we could have tried it.

  3. I love when Ry makes us tri-tip! So good! Too bad the weather was bad for camping, but maybe later it will be a funny memory! Hopefully camping in a week or so will go much better! 🙂

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