Zoo Day Hooray

Utah’s Hogle Zoo recently opened their new Rocky Shores area which now houses bald eagles, sea lions, seals, river otters, black bears and a polar bear.  It is really a nice new area of our zoo.  We have been a couple of times since the new exhibit opened and unfortunately the one time I brought the camera the new animals were pretty inactive.  But we have seen them swimming and playing in the water.  Even the polar bear was diving around.  Pretty cool.  So these pictures are not that exciting but at least you get a picture of the new Rocky Shores.

Don’t you just love the family of elephants!  So great.  And I had to take a picture of this bird cause as soon as Sophie saw it she said “Rio”.  That is her favorite movie and this bird made her the happiest.  Look at my little baby gorillas…they are getting so big.  And finally my attempt to take a self picture which really just looks like I have Sophs in a choke hold.  Oops.

6 Replies to “Zoo Day Hooray”

  1. I love Hogle Zoo! How fun to have new exhibits. I wish we had a zoo or something close by to get a season pass to. Looks so fun! I sure miss your cute kiddos!

  2. So fun! Love animals and the fun kids have at Zoos. I was just thinking I need to take my girls.

  3. Such a good mom to always take your kids on outings! I’m glad to see you made it safely to the zoo even while using your cell phone! Ha! Ha!

  4. Dang! Why did our zoo pass have to expire right before that awesome exhibit opened?! Way cute pictures 🙂

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