“It’s Minmee!”

Our daughter is a Disney lover.  Holy cow!  She knows all the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  But “hot dog” (i.e. Mickey) and “Minmee (i.e. Minnie) are her favorite!  And since her Grandma Grossen saw her love for Minnie at the Disney Store last weekend, she now has her very own Minmee doll.  Thanks Grandma!  She loves it and one day this week she took it with her everywhere.

And here is Jack on the same day in the clothes he dressed himself in that morning.  It was 95 degrees outside.  Yuck!

3 Replies to ““It’s Minmee!””

  1. Swinging Minnie, wow, that is SO adorable!!!! Did Jack ever end up changing out of his clothes? Makes me hot thinking about it.

  2. So cute. I love all the different pictures of sophs and minmee. She sure does love her. Jack cracks me up with his wardrobe decisions. Love you all!

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