7 months old!

Well I have been absent from the blogging world once again.  Sorry to everyone.  My excuses consist of: #1. I was trying to rehabilitate my family from their illness.  Dan went to doctor last Thursday and was diagnosed with strep throat.  He finally started to feel better on Monday.  #2. we haven’t done anything exciting really at all.  and #3. for some reason I misplaced the rechargable camera batteries somewhere.  I remember taking them out of the charger and wondering if they would stay charged until the regular batteries in the camera ran out and now that they have, I can’t find the rechargables anywhere.  Seriously losing my mind I guess.  And for that reason I have not taken any photos in the last week.  How lame is that.  But today is my baby’s 7 month birthday so I felt like it was post worthy.  And so, I thought I would do a little photo journey of Jack Jack’s life.  Here we go…


Here Jack is one week before he was born.  No one said I was huge…but holy moly!  I can’t believe he baked in there another week.  This is one day before I got busted by my doctor for still working 10-11 hour days.  And so I cut it down to just working 6 or so at BYU.  It was a nice break for my last week of freedom.


The first is of Jack on his birthday.  And the second sometime in that first week we were home.  So little.


Here he is at one month.  Poor guy had a severe case of the baby acne going on this month.  But he was still a cute little pumpkin.  Can you tell from the family photo how much we were still in survival mode?  I look so so sleepy!


Month 2 we captured the first smiling photo and tried to show off how insanely well he held up his head.  Remember how he rolled over at 5 weeks?!?


Month 3 he started to love his toys and show off his muscles.  Apparently, I don’t have any photos from Christmas, but he enjoyed his first trip to California!


During month 4, his hair started to grow exponentially and he started to pick up his toys.


Month 5 we started solid foods and brainwashing…


Month 5 Jack began to be mobile and started to love, and I mean literally, his books.


Month 6 he played with his cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  He became sitter followed shortly thereafter by a “crawler.”  Although he is not expert, he can move forward when he really, really wants something like Daddy’s eggo.

What will month 7 bring?  I’m not entirely sure.  For sure, more movement which will likely lead to the purchase of a gate for the stairs.  And definitely a 4+ hour flight to Florida for our Caribbean cruise which should be a fun adventure.  I can’t wait really!  Possibly some more sickness, maybe another full night’s sleep (he slept from 8-6:20 am on Sunday night!!!), perhaps some bumps and bruises and definitely tears.  Who knows!  But one thing is guaranteed there will be lots and lots of laughter and smiles cause with this little man around I can’t help but feel glad!  Wahoo to seven months of life!  What a journey that is far, far from over!


4 Replies to “7 months old!”

  1. So fun to see the month by month pictures…and see how fast they grow and develop. I’m happy that I got to take part of his 1st month, 6th month and his 7th month here in a few weeks. I love that cute little guy.

  2. Funny, I checked last night to see if you had posted anything new. I was shocked to see nothing new but knew that you had all been sick. I thought I would check on here again tonight since our baby is seven months old today. What a fun idea to have an overview of Jack’s life. I can’t wait to see a video of him crawling–lunging, hint hint! I need to call and talk to that boy! Love you Jack!

  3. Jack is growing like a weed. Where did those 7 months go? He sure is a cute and funny one. I don’t know about that brain washing though, Ethan and I might have to do some counter-brain washing, maybe always wear red when we see him. I look forward to the cruise and getting to swim around with Jack, hopefully we’ll see you before then as well.

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