California Love

Me and the kiddos just got back from a week in California with my parents.  It was so lovely.  I love trips where my kids stay on schedule and, therefore, are decent creatures the whole time.  We did quite a few fun things and my kids had the best time.  Jack is always talking about B-Town and how excited he is to be back there for Christmas.

The kids had fun hanging out at home.  They love Grandma’s train and blocks.  Jack learned how to play Mah Jong all by himself on the computer and has even finished a few games on his own.  He amazes me.

We went bowling one morning.  I can’t get over the cuteness of the tiny bowling shoes on Sophs feet.  I broke the 100 barrier but just because we had bumpers!

We went up to mountains one night and had a campfire and s’mores.  It was a lot of fun and so nice to get out of the heat of Bakersfield.  It really is so hot there.  I can’t believe I ever survived living there.  I am always amazed at how fast these little ones get dirty.  It only takes mere minutes really.  And one fact is certain…our Jack Jack is a pyro!  He is obsessed with fire!

We also went to the Bugseum.  It was a small place but it was free which we love.  Jack loved this play campfire set they had.  And Sophs was mesmerized by one of the grasshoppers.  She couldn’t stop looking at it.

On our last day in CA, we stopped at the Long Beach Aquarium.  It was a lot of fun with some very hands on exhibits for the kids.  We all touched a bat ray, starfish and jelly fish.  And we, of course, found Nemo which was very exciting.

Our last stop before the airport was Huntington Beach.  I love it there.  It is always so fun.  And my kids are at a very fun age for the beach.  Jack loved the water this time especially when Grandpa showed him how to dig for sand crabs.  Sophs was not interested in the water at all, but she loved digging.  I was a super paranoid mom and lathered my kids up with sunscreen like every 30 minutes.  There is nothing worse than a sunburn.  Thankfully, they came out burn free.  I love the beach.

And since it was Sophie’s first flight ever and Jack hasn’t flown since before he was one, I tried to document the flight home.  These were the best pictures I got!  But we survived without throw-up on the way home (not so lucky on the flight out…poor Jack) and had the best trip!  Thanks Jannie and Brad.

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  1. I am so jealous you got to go to California! Sounds like such a fun trip! That picture of Jack with the campfire toys is the cutest pic I have ever seen! So glad the flight back was smoother than the first! You are brave flying by yourself with 2 kiddos! p.s. I wish I was at the beach right now!

  2. Wow, you really came up with some fun things to do in the B-town! I didn’t know there were fun things to do there besides eat Sequoia cookies! I wish I didn’t have to work and could have gone!!

  3. First time flying?? Seriously! My poor kids. Rachel is SUPER excited to have Delta cookies. There are two things on our summer list that we haven’t done and I’m dying to do and time is running out. Go camping with s’mores and the aquarium. Looks like so much fun!!! Are your kids ready to get back on another plane? 🙂

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