Done and done!  I completed my first half marathon yesterday.  It was not too bad.  There were points where I thought I might die (miles 8-10) but I just pushed through.  My goal was to make it in under 2 hours 30 minutes and although I don’t know my official time yet, I crossed the finish line somewhere around 2:24!  Hooray.  So I’m not the fastest runner but I did run the whole thing.  And I felt pretty proud about that.  In reality, 13.1 miles is pretty far.  When I look at it on a map, it is crazy to me that I could accomplish that!  Hooray!  I sorta hope to run another race this fall.  But I think my body needs a little resting period.  Maybe by next week I can talk myself into it.  We’ll see…

These are the pics before the race.  These girls were miles ahead of me, but it was fun to know that I wasn’t enduring the pain alone.  So proud of them for crossing the finish line under 2 hours!

And just because we were in Logan, Kerri and I had to drive by our old childhood house.  It did bring back some memories and recollections even though I was only 5 when I moved from there.

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  1. Way to go! Happy to hear you had a good run. We should do a race together sometime. Congrats on your first half marathon!

  2. YAHOO!! So proud of you Ame! I don’t even know how you trained for it while being a wife and mom of 2 of my fav babies! I can barely take care of myself and train for a race! You did so awesome and I’m sooo happy we could do the same race. Count me in for one in the fall if you want to do another! My quads are still destroyed today!

  3. Way to go Aime! We’re proud of you. I love you smiling– crossing the finish line. I sure wish someone could have gotten a picture of Dan and the kids cheering you on to the finish line. We loved that little Logan house. It was our first big investment besides the Toyota Tercel. Rest your weary bones. Have fun playing with Melanie!

  4. Congrats, amazing girl!! I love that you made, especially under your goal. I also love that you said FIRST half… keep going and have fun! I agree – how you trained while being a fantastic wife and mommy is amazing.

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