Disney 2012

After being home 3 weeks from California, we packed up and headed back to So. Cal.  This time Dan got to come along with his whole family (16 people total).  We did Disneyland for 2 days and then the beach and other relaxing things for the last 2 days.  It was a great trip.  I thought my kids were pretty good considering no naps and late bedtimes every night.  But I did feel like we were not quite at the optimal Disney age yet because there were still meltdowns due to sleepiness.  And Sophs was terrified of the characters even though I anticipated that being her favorite part!  And Jack was terrified of all the bigger rides once he did Tower of Terror which was pretty disappointing cause it meant no Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and tears through the whole new Radiator Springs Racers.  But alas, there were some definite high points like Goofy’s Sky School with Jack and the Disney Jr. Show with Sophie.

Our day at the beach was fab.  My kids really love the beach.  Something about the salty air, the freedom to run and jump and play, and digging the sand makes everyone happier!  It was a nice day.  And every time I go, I am reminded that I really could get used to living close to a beach.  Just sayin’!

Sweet Katelyn had her 2nd birthday while we were together.  So we had a small party.   How cute are all these kiddos in their matching Disney jammies?  Love it!

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  1. This is great! Looks so fun! Wish I could have gone with you! What a fun trip! P.S. I love that even while Sophs is napping, she is still twisting and making knots in her hair! So funny!

  2. What a fun trip! I was surprised Jack went on the “Tower of the Terror” because he came out the first time scared. Funny kid. I was surprised by all the kiddos how well they did at Disneyland. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

  3. What if you go to Disneyland again in 2012…what will you call that blog post? 🙂 Looks like the funnest time! I love it there and love the beach!

  4. Tommy has been begging to go back because it’s his favorite favorite favorite favorite. Katelyn asks daily, “where’s Sopie?…where’s Jack Jack?” We are all having withdrawls!

  5. Ame I love the haircut and you look so tan–look what Cali does for you. Ha!Ha! Sophie looks so cute in her swimsuit photo–add it to my photo scroll. Jack looks as tall as Rachel. You ladies look real cute with Minnie! Danno and Jack sure look happy sporting their coug shirts! Definitely a fun trip!

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